Are you up late worrying about how you don't have a ring on your finger or that your resume isn't perfect? Girl, do we have some news for you.

The life of a millennial is a constant bout of uncertainty. During the stretch of their twenty-something years, millennials are blindly navigating adulthood, attempting to secure themselves for the foggy future ahead.

There’s so much to consider with relation to career placement, relationships, renting an apartment or buying a home for the first time, beginning a family, establishing the start of a 401K account, and a hodgepodge of other life milestones. With every shaky step millennials take along the course of their twenty-something years, nerves and doubt overwhelm Gen-Y, causing unrelenting worry.

This worry can become too much, for no good reason. When twenty-somethings become thirty-somethings and forty-somethings in time, the worries of the millennial mind will seem silly. Gen-Y needs to stop worrying about the qualms of navigating adulthood.

Here are 20 things twenty-somethings need to stop worrying about right now:

  1. Finding a partner if you’re single. Seriously? Is this what keeps you up at night? Stop it! You’ll find your prince or princess in due time. Relationships are one of the most important facets in life not to rush. You don’t want to blindly hurry into a committed union with the wrong person. Relax. Enjoy being single and bask in your romantic freedom. Right now you can date who you want, when you want, and care as little or much as you please. Savor it.
  2. Settling down, if you’re dating. So you’ve found your prince or princess and want to tie the knot like NOW. Is this the case? No. Please don’t rush into marriage. You’re a twenty-something with plenty of time to let your relationship grow naturally. Plus, if your partner isn’t ready and you think you are, all you’re accomplishing is stressing him/her out. Knock it off and let it be. Don’t worry about the ring. It’ll come if it’s meant to.
  3. Securing your dream career. Does anyone know what they want to be at 22? Maybe, maybe not. Chances are you haven’t got a single clue, and that’s okay! Enjoy the journey. Life is not about the destination. Sure, working as a traveling journalist or highly regarded CEO sounds great but these amazing careers aren’t for entry level employees. Work your way up and earn your financial success. Hard work and persistence pay off, and it’s perfectly acceptable (and normal) to not know what your dream job is during your twenties.
  4. FOMO. Free yourself from the burden of experiencing the “fear of missing out.” None of us can see everything, do everything, or be everywhere. It’s physically impossible. Somehow we all end up alright by doing what we can and letting go of the things we can’t. Once you acknowledge FOMO is a myth and you want no part of it, you’ll be just fine.
  5. Not having plans on the weekend. Stop worrying that you’re no fun if you skip making plans on a Friday or Saturday night. You’re not in college anymore and house parties are a thing of the past. Enjoy a Netflix marathon with some takeout and wine. Binge-watching a new TV series is far better than chilling with the beer-chugging hooligans raving next door anyway.
  6. Your college vs. professional wardrobe. The itch to donate your college attire to Goodwill and spend hundreds of dollars on new dress slacks, tops, and fancy shoes for your new professional job seems enticing, but stop. You’re going to want to keep your school clothes to wear in your free time and none of us can afford a whole new wardrobe overnight. It takes time to build a classy work wardrobe on a skimpy entry level salary. Stop worrying and be patient. Try buying a couple of small items each month and your work attire selections will expand.
  7. The amount of friends you have. Ladies and gents, it’s quality not quantity that matters when it comes to friendships. You’re better off with a couple solid peeps to back you up than you are counting on the 500+ Facebook “friends” you have that barely know you. Let it go.
  8. Multitasking. We all want to exercise, eat healthy, work a full eight-nine hour shift, spend an hour reading every night, cook meals at home, join a sports team, take online classes, hangout with friends, take care of the dog, watch our favorite show, and remember to brush our teeth three times a day, but life is busy and our agenda gets muddled. Learn how to multitask, but multitask efficiently. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were you. Prioritize, and if things fall through the cracks, well that’s just life.
  9. Getting old. Are you really complaining about “being old”? You’re twenty-something with your whole life ahead of you. Stop worrying so much.
  10. Losing touch with old friends. Goodness, this happens to all of us! High school is over, college has ended, and now you’re adult. The besties you had back in the day may have moved away or changed in their own ways. Or, maybe you have! It’s perfectly normal to grow apart. Don’t fret.
  11. Needing to live with a roommate. This worry is plain silly. Not many millennials can afford the cost of rent, groceries, utilities, and gas for their vehicles on top of their student loans and other miscellaneous bills. Having a roommate for a couple years shouldn’t be a worry, it should be a welcomed savior.
  12. Being late. Tardiness is a reality in any aspect of life. Being late to work, to school, to a scheduled appointment, or exercise class is feasible for any of us. Don’t stress yourself out if you’re late to a commitment once in awhile. High traffic volumes, car accidents, and unexpected construction zones on your typical commute are out of your control. Let it go and rest easy.
  13. What somebody else is doing. You can’t worry yourself sick with keeping up with everyone else. There are far too many trends, achievements, investments, and choices other people are making and/or partaking in. Worry about you, not others.
  14. Reaching milestones at a specific age. You don’t need to be married by twenty-five, have two kids by thirty, secure your dream career, and own a house at the snap of a finger. Sometimes life is way more enjoyable as an unknown, rather than planned. Allow things to happen organically. You may be surprised by the results.
  15. Forgetting everything you learned in college. So, you have the degree but can’t remember a single theory about media relations or philosophy? Don’t sweat it! The Internet is your personal bible and acts as the gateway for any and all information imaginable. Use it to research and jog your memory.
  16. Rejection. Sometimes things aren’t meant to be. Rather than worry about rejection, use it to inspire you. Understand why you were rejected from a job or potential beau. Maybe there are areas in which you can improve. Use this as a learning opportunity, rather than indulging in a moment of self-pity.
  17. What your social media profiles look like. Unless your business is in social media management, don’t harp on virtual details. Your social media profiles don’t need to be perfect or reflect every little thing in your life. Keep certain aspects of your page a mystery and stop worrying about the little things.
  18. Perfecting your resume. Your resume/CV is a constantly evolving record of your employment history, skills, and achievements. Don’t be worried that it’s not as impressive as it could be or doesn’t capture you holistically. Your resume is a snapshot of your acquired skills, education, work experiences, and talents. View it for what it is: a piece of paper.
  19. Making a good impression. First impressions are often memorable, but they are not always honest. Don’t harp on yourself for giving a poor impression during an interview or in networking. Sometimes the anxiety of a moment exaggerates what actually happened, how you were received by others, etc. If it was a poor impression, take it for what it was. Don’t worry yourself sick over it.
  20. Pleasing others. Whether it’s your parents, friends, significant other, professors, or potential employer, do not worry about pleasing others. Your life is designed to please yourself. Indulge when you want to, travel when you can, get rid of bad relationships or jobs, and always make sure you’re on the path to happiness. Pleasing others is a losing battle to begin with, so accept defeat and focus on pleasing yourself.

Twenty-somethings need to stop worrying about these twenty things, and so many more. What are some things you or your fellow millennial friends worry about that all Gen-Y members need to stop fretting?