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Five Things to Try in Your Mid-Twenties

Things to Try in Your Mid-Twenties

In the blink of an eye, it happens: you live in your own space, drive your own car, and have a to-do list that includes bills and errands. You’re officially a full-fledged adult.

Though your new-found sense of freedom and independence can be exhilarating, you may be taking yourself a bit too seriously. Being an adult is so much more than 100 percent responsibility and we’re here to show you just that!

Lighten up, Buttercup, as we present five things to try in your mid-twenties:

1. A new way of eating or fitness routine

Though hardly considered “fabulous” on many people’s lists, being an adult opens up a whole new world of wellness! Always wanted to join a Pilates class? The only schedule to worry about is your own! Feel like giving the Whole30 diet a go? Start writing a list and getting some groceries!

Being a “grown up” means that you hold all the power when it comes to your health and well-being. You shop for your meals, you get yourself to and from the gym, and you make the decision to sign up for roller derby …or not…

2. A different look

You bid pigtails adieu long ago, but it may also be time to ditch your current style. As you mature, you’ll find that your taste in fashion and beauty not only changes, but that you desire a more mature image. Treat yourself to a day, week, or month of self-renovation and give the older, wiser you a look that matches. Don’t be afraid to be bold, and remember: nothing is permanent.

3.  A furry friend

Mom and Dad weren’t fond of dogs, huh? No longer a problem. At a time when many people have yet to start a family of their own, a warm, cuddly ball of fluffy joy can be just the thing to add to your life. Find a breed, species, or type of pet that will be with you for the long haul and say “hello” to your new best friend.

4. A tasty treat

Perhaps you hated enchiladas as a child or thought spicy foods were overrated. Thanks to a host of sensory changes that occur as we age, that may no longer be the case. But don’t limit yourself to your new-found love of Chinese. Explore your budding taste-buds even further and be open to unique cuisine options such as Greek or African.

Want to really throw your mouth for a loop? Consider indulging in fusion-cuisine and explore how the combination of different food ethnicities can play off of each other.

5. A new way of thinking

If you spent most of your growing up being a pessimistic grump and a worrier, now is the time to get a grip. Begin to work on the brain as much as the body by exploring meditation, positive thinking, and relaxation exercises.

Adulthood lasts far longer than childhood ever did so be prepared to reap the consequences of whatever mindset you choose to have. You can be your greatest advocate or your own worst enemy.

Though the highway of adulthood is filled with twists and turns, it’s also a time of great adventure. Figure out just who this older version of yourself is, and have fun while doing it!

About the Author

Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth has a B.S. in Family Life, with an emphasis in Human Development, from Brigham Young University. In her free time she enjoys photography, thrifting, and heath and fitness. In the future, she would like to expand her freelance career and move into an editing position.


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