No-spend week

A few weeks ago, I woke up, looked at my bank account and decided to try and challenge myself that week; I was going to try and not spend a single dollar from Sunday to Saturday. It’s not that I necessarily needed to do that kind of saving, but I’m always up for money challenges and saving more money is definitely a bonus.

Do me a favor now; think of your average week and what you do in that time. Does it make you cringe and the thought of not spending any money? Do you go out for lunch every day at work? Have a dinner date with some girlfriends? Well, fear not my friends, you can do it and you’ll feel good about yourself at the end.

Starting on Sunday, it was a normal weekend day for me. I slept in a bit then did some work around my home. I definitely didn’t need to go out and spend any money. I made a delicious bullet-proof coffee (If you don’t know what that is, please do yourself a favor and Google it, it’s a game -changer) with my Keurig instead of heading to Tim Horton’s and I just hung around the house. Day one complete!

Monday was a little more difficult just because it was back to work for me. I actually live about 30 seconds from my work, so both breakfast and lunch are eaten at home. This particular night I had a soccer practice, so my time was taken up for most of the day; there was no time to spend money. Busy for the win!

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Tuesday was a little more difficult. I had plans with the mister to go out for dinner. However, we changed our tune and tried to use food that had been sitting in our cupboard for months; nothing like some tasty Campbell’s soup and grilled veggies. Day three complete, only four more to go!

Day four was tough. I was running some errands for work and I ran out of my favorite foundation! Horrible girl moment, am I right?! Well, I resisted the temptation to pick up some more. Instead, I rocked a natural face with just a few touches to my eyes. As weird as this may sound, I haven’t worn foundation since! My skin has been healthier because of it and I like the look way better than caked-on chemicals. Shocking how a few small decisions can change how you function in your daily life.

I survived day four now it’s onto day five. I had a friend ask me to go for lunch this particular day. Sorry, friend, had to reschedule for next week. Thankfully, my friend is awesome and totally understood. I don’t back down from a challenge and I’m definitely am not quitting early.

Day six finally came around, and thank god it was Friday! “It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!” Sorry, Rebecca Black has scarred me for life with that song. I can’t let the day pass without at least singing that verse once (I typically get things thrown at me from my co-workers. Thankfully, I can dodge them like Ben Stiller in Dodgeball). I had a massive craving for a cheeseburger for lunch and I second-guessed my no-spend decision in that moment, but I forced myself to go home and make something out of what has been sitting in my freezer for months. Bullet dodged on that one (see what I did there?).

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The last day had finally arrived! However, this was the most difficult day. It was a Saturday and I had plans to be out and about most of the day then work at night. While I stared at the mall and drove by on my way to work, I managed to not spend a dime that day either. Thankfully, I had a full tank of gas when this whole challenge started. The other part of it that made it a bit easier was being so busy with work most of the week. Can’t spend anything if you are stuck at a desk!

Overall, I’m very proud of myself. It goes to show you that we tend to spend money on things that we don’t actually need more often than we’d like. It was a breath of fresh air for myself as well as my bank account.

What do you think, twenty-somethings? Do you think you’ll take on the one week no-spend challenge?