title photo: The Magic of Making a Mess

We may let our physical spaces become messy, but many of us move through our lives somewhat precisely, following a careful plan.

Often we allow ourselves remain stuck in situations that don’t serve us, in fear that upheaving any aspect of our daily lives will leave too large a mess.

Making a mess, living in the chaos, and leaning into the uncertainty are highly valuable skills and what make life so wonderfully worth it.

The moments of pure truth, unknown strength, and magic all come from the messiest bits of living. Making a mess means leaping, taking bold risks, living with your heart all in. It means being so fully invested in living the greatest, loudest, most boundless expression of your life that you refuse to risk staying small by trying to keep everything neat and tidy and uniform. It means discarding the rules and accepting the fact that life will get messy whether you choose it or not.

From the mess, the most beautiful masterpieces can rise. Letting the rules fall away, embracing your own desires and dreams, and choosing to take action even if it throws some of your life up in the air, can bring so much freedom and empowerment.

Of course, there are some messes thrown at us that we prefer to avoid, but seizing your power and employing it to create the life you truly desire, even if it means uprooting your current situation, will leave you with a far more joyous existence.

Truly living a wholehearted life and expanding into your fullest expression means living wild and loud, boundlessly and limitlessly, and most of all, messy.

Walking on eggshells around life not only leads to some things still breaking, but also to missing out on so much beautiful living. The scattering makes the most beautiful mosaics. It is within the mess that we grow, learn, expand, and flourish.

Making a mess of what you dislike, throwing it on the ground and sifting through the dirt is how you find the gems. You’ll never discover the beauty if you don’t muddle the ground below you and get your hands dirty digging deep in the mud to uncover the gold.

Quitting the job you hate and taking the leap into something you’re dying to be doing, moving across the country or even across town, jumping headfirst so foolishly and bravely into love, or taking that life changing trip you’ve been putting off, are all ways to make a grand and beautiful jumble of life.

It is the wild, crazy, ridiculous experiences that make life worth living.

Staying steady in a life that isn’t being fully expressed or truly lived may keep the ground below you in one solid piece, but it will also rot your feet, stiffen your muscles, and let you waste away. Standing in one place, completely still, trying not to mess up the dirt beneath you, and tiptoeing over the already shifting sand at your feet births no magic.

In my life, I like to keep my spaces meticulously clean and tidy, with the urge to control just about everything combined with a desire to have no control whatsoever. Yet, I push myself to leap every chance I get, and to create opportunities to make beautiful messes.

Possessing full control over the process of life would be highly exhausting, and the pressure would most most likely be too heavy. Not only would life be boring, but it would also only be as good as the scenarios our brains can imagine. So often things can turn out better than we could have thought up ourselves. There would be no surprises, pleasant or otherwise, and the unexpected outcomes that present themselves like magic would never exist.

It’s true that I’ve wanted life to fall into neat categories, organize itself perfectly in symmetrical boxes of simple, orderly, streamlined emotions, relationships, and events. However, without any variation, any mess, life would be a series of predictable simplicities wrapped in perfect little packages, monochrome bows sealing the pristine sameness.

Life without a single complication would be dull; there would be no challenge. For our human brains that love to problem solve, being unchallenged would not only leave us frustrated and irritable, but our minds would also begin to create problems. We were made to be challenged and to overcome. With only predictability, there would be no interesting turns, nothing to knock us down and no pressing reason to rise. Life is messy and chaotic and interesting, and this is something we can find gratitude in.

Often, we think that making any big moves in life creates too much of a mess and that messiness is to be avoided. Making a change and transition and adjusting what doesn’t work for us all seem to fall into the category of things too risky to actually do because we are scared, thinking that if we allow a mess then we lose all control.

The power of choice and decisiveness is so healthy and crucial to living a grand life, and through exercising our ability to decide, control can be positive. However, attempting to control the outcome, situation, circumstance, or path to reach what we’ve decided on can be detrimental, as we will never be able to predict the way of the world. Embracing this lack of control and choosing to let the road be messy will lend us greater satisfaction and strength.

Making a mess isn’t quite advocating giving up control, but rather the opposite.

It is making bold decisions, taking control through exerting your power of choice, and taking charge of your life to live it in the best way possible. It’s shifting your perspective on what you control and how you view messiness.

The mess can be defined by choosing to take action and then letting the pieces fall where they may, accepting control through understanding you cannot control everything.

Through leaping and then soaring, falling, flying, or whatever may unfold, you can create a powerful, wholehearted, beautifully messy life. You could take that leap and do the thing you truly desire right now, enjoy it fully and be happy. Or you can wait and avoid it because of how you envision the future of it might go, trying to plan the outcome of uncontrollable things, and never risk making a glorious mess. And in that, you will never create unexpected beauty, the kind of magical experiences that only come from leaping with your whole heart first.

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