If you’re like me, for most of your life you’ve been guilty of completely skipping breakfast. I love to sleep and usually that means taking my showers at night so I can keep that extra 15 minutes in the morning basking in the absolute comfort that is a down comforter and three dogs. But then I started running for the first time, and taking vitamins and breakfast just seemed like the next step toward a healthy lifestyle. Most of the time I plan ahead (I’m a Ravenclaw, after all…) and do my prep the night before.

Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt is everywhere. Everyone is talking about it and how awesome it is. It’s packed with protein and lacks the mass amounts of sugar or fake sweeteners found in regular yogurt. It also has a really creamy texture that makes it seem decadent without the guilt. Adding a touch of honey and some chopped fruit adds texture, some color, and complicates the flavor profile in the best possible way. Check out these tasty yogurt topping combination suggestions from FitSugar to add more flavor and nutrients to your yogurt.

Fruit Salad with a honey lime dressing 
I make this fruit salad in batches and eat it a couple days in a row. The dressing tastes good with nearly any kind of fruit, but my favorite combo is sliced strawberries, halved red grapes, sliced kiwi, and clementine pieces. To make the dressing, whisk together equal parts honey and lime juice and dribble it on top of the fruit. It tastes even better the second day after the fruit has had a chance to kiss and mingle with the honey and lime.

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Quiche is a go-to at my house. At the end of the week, I usually have some veggies that didn’t get used up and need to be consumed. Typically I cut and chop everything up into different shapes for the purpose of texture and sauté it before throwing it into a pie shell with a few eggs and soy cheese. Different people have different dietary needs, and since we have a dairy-free daughter, our favorite lacks milk products. I suggest experimenting with different combinations until you find one you love.

Oatmeal is much like yogurt because it is easily customizable. It’s also low in fat and calories and served nice and warm to chase off the early morning chill. By itself it seems boring, but throw in some toasted almonds and brown sugar. Maybe you have some berries you need to use up. Feeling like you need comfort food? Try it with a splash of some cream and chocolate chips. Other great combos include: bananas with peanut butter or honey, coconut milk and mango, peaches and milk, or maple syrup and powdered sugar.

Regardless of what you are eating, breakfast wakes you and your metabolism up and it’ll keep you from stopping for that second Snickers bar on your way to class or the two hour board meeting you are dreading.

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Tell us, what do you start your day with?

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