I’ve recently become more focused on health, wellness, and a more natural lifestyle. As a part of that, I have transitioned to natural products. For me, this means natural toothpaste, soap, deodorant and increasing my use of essential oils.

I first heard about Schmidt’s on an episode of the Almost 30 Podcast (which I am in LOVE with by the way). On Episode 122 of their podcast, they interviewed Jamie Schmidt, the Founder of Schmidt’s Natural.

This episode encouraged me to try Schmidt’s (so make sure you check out the episode), but there are a lot of reasons why people are transitioning to a more natural deodorant.

Why You Should Switch To Natural Deodorant

First up, our bodies are supposed to sweat and traditional antiperspirants block that from happening. Sweating helps our bodies to remove excess heat and releases toxins. Sweating lets our armpits breath (and I am quite a fan of breathing).

Antiperspirants clog our pores to avoid the sweating, so it builds up under our skin. I don’t know about you, but the visual of that doesn’t seem great to me. While there isn’t conclusive evidence to support this, there are a few sources that link aluminum-based antiperspirants to breast cancer.

In addition to that, many deodorants contain triclosan, which the FDA has classified as a pesticide, and propylene glycol. According to the site Don’t Mess with Mama (and several others), propylene glycol can cause issues with the central nervous system, the heart, and the liver. It can also irritate the skin, specifically those with sensitive skins.

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Tip and Tricks for Natural Deodorants:

For many of you, those may be reasons to try to make a switch. If you do there are several brands you can try, but Schmidt’s is the one I use. I love their various smells, and for me, it is effective. If you are interested in making a switch, here are a few tips that include my experience.

  • It may take time to adjust and get used to something new. I didn’t have this experience, but I have heard it from other people. Some sites have said to not use deodorant at all for a few days to allow your body to completely release built-up toxins. I didn’t do this — I just made the switch from a more traditional brand to Schmidt’s and it worked well for me.
  • Exfoliate for a few days. This may also have the same benefits of getting off deodorant for a few days. I use an exfoliating glove for this (and it can be a bit relaxing).
  • Don’t over apply. This is something Schmidt’s encourages when you use natural deodorant. Less is definitely more with natural deodorant. I didn’t necessarily believe this, but it works!
  • Let it soften with your body heat. I am not sure why, but natural deodorant softens with body heat. I rest the container underneath my arm for a minute or so before I apply (and again, less is more). Also, as another tip, the deodorant may feel a little gritty in comparison to a traditional deodorant. I have gotten used to it, but know that it may feel that way.
  • Don’t get discouraged if you need to try different brands. I was lucky that Schmidt’s worked for me immediately. I really do like it, and honestly, I didn’t know if it would work. My worry was that I would smell bad throughout the day and I don’t. If anything, I can just smell the scent of the deodorant (and I am using bergamot and lime which is a wonderful smell in my opinion).

You may need to test a few brands depending on your sensitivity to different ingredients. I certainly haven’t tried anything else, but have heard great things about the Kopari brand. If you try one brand and it doesn’t work or feel like a fit, I would encourage you to try one more brand before you give up completely. I know I have had to do this with other things like makeup brands, so allow yourself to do it here.

I’d love to hear from you if you are already using natural deodorant or if you are planning on switching. I have really enjoyed the switch and don’t plan on going back to traditional soap, toothpaste or deodorant anytime soon. Feel free to join me :).