We made it, summer is finally here! I don’t know about you but this year seems like it’s just been flying by. I’m definitely excited for what feels to me like the most low key season of the year. Summer is a time for fun, the sun, and adventure. Tis the season to spend extra time outdoors, unless you’re like me and live in Florida which is pretty much every season. It’s a time for love (Grease, anyone?) and a time for excitement.

No matter where you are it seems like there’s always something festive going on during the summer. Make your own summer bucket list. You know those things that you’re just dying to do this summer? Add them on there then treat yourself to the best summer ever (until next year of course). We have a couple of ideas of for spicing up your summer. Feel free to share yours as well!

The Summer Bucket List

1. Hit the beach.

Who doesn’t love a little fun in the sun, some sand between your toes and the fresh smell of salt water? Grab a bunch of friends and go soak up some sun during the day (don’t forget your sunscreen) or have yourselves a cozy little bonfire or drum circle at night.

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The beach is always a perfect and scenic place to relax and unwind. Don’t live near a beach? What about a lake or a friend’s pool? Work with what you’ve got.

2. Check out a blockbuster.

Summer always seems to deliver awesome new flicks. There’s always some exciting action or superhero movie making its debut during the summer months. 

3. Go to a music festival.

This just might be my favorite thing to do during summer. As a lover of live music, festivals are ideal. There’s nothing like spending an entire day outside watching your favorite acts perform your favorite songs with hundreds (or thousands) of other people who love them too.

There’s a sense of camaraderie at music festivals that just can’t be explained. No major music festivals coming toward you soon? Make a trip of it and head to a city close by or check out local bands near you. You can never like too many bands.

4. Have a BBQ. 

This may just be me telling on myself but I love food. I love getting my family and friends together to talk and hang out while enjoying some good food (definitely telling on myself). Have a barbecue. Better yet, get everyone involved and have a potluck barbecue. Grill an assortment of things and chow down.

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5. Do something you love. 

Whatever your summer staple is, do it. You know, that one thing that you just love to do every single summer and anticipate all year round, make it happen. For me, that’s the International Comic Con in San Diego in July. It doesn’t have to be something big but whatever it is, make sure it’s on your bucket list.

6. Try something new.

What would the summer be without a little adventure. Spread your wings my friend. Put yourself out there and do something fun that you’ve always wanted to do or may be a little out of your comfort zone.

I went paddle boarding in water that was 30 feet deep in Key West two months ago for a friend’s birthday. It’s something I always wanted to do but at first, I secretly thought I was going to fall off the board, drown, and die. Guess what? I made it and it was awesome. I learned that I can face my fears and that I can trust my mind and body more than I think. Let the summer teach you something.

7. Document, document, document. 

Pics or it didn’t happen. Okay, just kidding but why not capture some of the wonderful memories you’ve created. Of course you can share them all over social media or just take a few snapshots for yourself. At the end of the year look back over the year and sweet summer that you had. Remind yourself that you’re still young and life is still an adventure.

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These are just seven ideas to add to your summer bucket list. What will you be doing this summer?