staying organized

I’m sure every twenty-something can relate to a time period in their life when it seems like everything went out of control. Whether you are struggling to balance exams, school, new jobs, promotions, parents, family, significant others, friends or events – the hectic ever changing dynamic means that there are times when it feels like you’re just way too busy. 

Being organized is key to staying on top of all of life’s demands. Here are a few tips to keeping all those balls in the air:

Write it all down.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you’re constantly forgetting the little things you need to get done each day. A task or chore will enter your mind in the early evening hours and you’ll think “I need to do that tomorrow” then tomorrow will come and you won’t remember until it’s too late? I think this is a common problem everyone struggles with, but writing it down will ensure you remember.

How you decide to write it down is up to you, but some easy ways to do it are: make a to-do list each morning at work including all the tasks you need to complete, keep a running list on your fridge, store to-do notes in your phone or enter calendar reminders to pop up and remind you when you need to do something. We also suggest keeping a planner as a way to keep track of your busy life.

Schedule it in your calendar.

Very similar to writing down tasks, but just as crucial for keeping your schedule on track and ensuring that you don’t flake out on friends or other important commitments. Keeping all of your plans in one place gives you a quick place to reference when someone asks if you’re available and setting appropriate reminders will ensure you don’t forget events or appointments and that you’re not late for them. I choose to keep everything in my phone, but if you’re old school and like a pen and paper planner then go with whatever works best for you. 


If possible, see if there are things other people can help you out with. Ask your significant other to pull more weight around the house, or if you’re swamped and they aren’t, ask them to cover some of your duties for a bit.

Call in some favors with friends and maybe spend an afternoon crossing things off your to-do list together. Making it more of a social event can make being productive more fun. 

Carve out downtime.

This one can be tricky and I know there are a lot of twenty-something’s who struggle with FOMO (fear of missing out), but carving out down time and sticking to it can do wonders for your sanity. You’re not any less important just because you decide to take a Sunday off. Some of my favorite weekends are the ones where I refuse to leave my neighborhood and ignore my phone all day.  

How do you stay organized when life gets busy?

P.S. The planner featured in the photo here is an Erin Condren Classic Life Planner in Jolly Jester.

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