4 Ways To Stay Educated Without Going To Grad School

One of the ways you grow is by constantly learning and being open to the experience. Your twenties are a great time to explore new ideas and ways of learning.

One of the most straightforward ways to continue learning is by going back to school. For me, going back to graduate school was great for throwing myself into my studies and focusing solely on the goals of absorbing as much material as possible, widening my horizons and generally being great.

Learning doesn’t only happen under the roof of a school, learning can happen at any time and anywhere. Which is why I’m sharing this list of places and also because it’s not too late to teach yourself something new this year!

Here are four effective ways to stay educated without going to grad school:

1) YouTube

Are you hoping to learn how to make a fantastic pumpkin pie for your Friendsgiving? How about perfecting a smokey eye make-up look? Maybe you want to design your friends bridal shower invitations? Well you can head to YouTube for all of this.

There are many great step by step how-to videos on YouTube for almost anything you would want to learn. You can learn new hairstyles, a new makeup look or even how to 3D print your own toys (if you have a 3D printer of course).

The best thing about YouTube is that it’s all user generated content, so if there is probably someone out there with answers to the questions you have. In addition, YouTube is free. They have introduced pay services such as YouTube Music and YouTube TV but the original YouTube is all you need if you’re looking to learn something new.

2) Lynda

Lynda is LinkedIn’s online learning platform. We had to use this platform in school and when you have to do something for school, the fun sometimes disappears.

Given the LinkedIn connection, the platform features many courses that are focused on helping you with your career. Some of the career course offerings include Time Management Fundamentals, InDesign Essential Training and WordPress Essential Training.

If you’re looking to upskill on your developer language skills, Lynda has a whole suite of Essentials courses on Python, Visual Basic and Java. Lynda is great if you’re looking for professionally taught courses and you’re willing to invest $19.99 per month.

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3) Skillshare

Recently, I realized that I enjoy data and learning about how to utilize data to improve on a project/product. Skillshare has lots of available courses about key performance indicators (KPIs), Google Analytics, how to analyze the data you collect and so much more.

Skillshare is a platform that offers courses through a combination of user-generated content and Skillshare curated partners such as Mailchimp, Buffer, Simon Sinek and other influencers. My honest opinion on Skillshare is that this platform is great!

It’s typically $15 per month or $8.25 if you buy the annual membership. You can get 2 free months of Skillshare here (affiliate).

4) +Acumen

If you’re in the social good or non-profit sectors and looking to skill up, +Acumen has a great selection of both free and paid courses you can take to improve your understanding of everything from microfinance to Storytelling for Change.

For example,  there’s a course offered by +Acumen called, Marketing to the Bottom of the Pyramid. This course is a great way to educate yourself about what different populations need beyond the 4P’s of Price, Product, Place, Promotion. If you’re interested in purpose-driven and purpose-centered marketing.

Learning is critical to growth. By participating in continuous learning you are making sure that you are keeping your skills sharp. Engaging in lifelong learning means you may be future proofing your career by learning new skills.

And according to a 2017 Forbes article, continuous learning can lead to happiness. That’s great to hear because with the stress of daily life, we could all use more ways to lead happier lives. If you’ve gotten bored with your role at work, you’re looking for ways to add value to a project or just want to finally learn how to crochet, there’s a ton of platform options out there to suit your learning style.

What are some of your favorite places to go for continued learning?