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A couple months ago I discovered a company called Loomwell that creates beautiful removable wallpaper and vinyls. I’d really been itching to do something with our space, but I wasn’t sure what to do. We rent an apartment so we are fairly limited in how we can paint and really change things up. When I saw removable wallpaper, a vision began to appear in my head: I wanted to make a statement wall with removable wallpaper. 

I browsed the site for days before finally seeing the wallpaper I had to have. It’s called Klause and it’s a black stained wood wallpaper that looks inlaid. 

Removable wallpaper can get kind of pricey – mine ran for $99/sheet and we needed five sheets to complete our wall.

I became affiliated with Loomwell after making my order so if you want a discount code, you can use code GENTWENTY to save 15% on your order! 

We ultimately decided to put the wallpaper in our dining room as our kitchen, dining, and living space is a flowing open concept. The wallpaper helped us make more defined spaces. And we chose black because everything pops against it.

Plus, it makes the wall feel more recessed and actually helped make the space feel bigger.

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Save 15% on your Loomwell order with code GENTWENTY

How To Make a Statement Wall With Removable Wallpaper

First of all, Loomwell let us know it would take a few weeks for our order to arrive. I ordered it October 7th and it shipped October 28th. Not too bad. 

The delivery comes with tips, tricks, and instructions for installing the wallpaper. It’s really quite straightforward. 

The box arrived like this:

With instructions included:

We also purchased the installation tool but overall I don’t think it’s truly necessary to have. And apologies for the blurry picture, it did not look that way on my camera screen! But I think you can get the gist. Plus, if you place an order, you’ll get new instructions anyway. 

You start by pulling the removable paper off of the backing. They recommend starting an inch above the ceiling line because some ceilings (and floors) are crooked so it’s better if you manually match up the wallpaper. 

The wallpaper is reusable so you can actually save the paper for later to re-stick it to if you want. I didn’t do this so I’m not sure if I will be able to salvage it in the future.

We started at the far out edge of the wall. We have a weird ceiling area in our kitchen/dining area that also has a bar. Our freezer is in the way so the edges were a little roughly cut in this area but it’s okay. 

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Here are the first three panels up on the wall:

These were super easy to do. It was when we got to the cutting that things got more challenging but if you don’t have that issue, I don’t think you will have a problem at all.

Save 15% on your Loomwell order with code GENTWENTY

Here is a look at the finished product:

And here is the wall styled with our family travel photos and momentos:

My husband thoughts I was being a little dramatic at first when I brought up the idea of a black statement wall but I was adamant about it. I think it turned out so fantastically and could not be happier!

We are moving soon so sadly I will be saying goodbye to this exact placement but I have a couple of wallpapers on my wishlist for our new place. 

Here are a couple I really like:

I want to feel out the new place first before making any decisions. There are so many options — I don’t think I’ll go wrong with any of them. 

What do you think about my black statement wall? Would you make a black statement wall or do other patterns and colors appeal to you more?

And don’t forget you can save 15% on your Loomwell order with code GENTWENTY