Making the Most of Your Summer As a College Student

Once again, for college students of all ages, the summer slowly approaches and the stresses and strains of the previous semester are receding, only to be replaced by that annual, familiar pressure of finding a summer job.

For many students, the hard work and long hours of exam revision and essay deadline are only the precursor to a summer spent working in warehouses, cafes and coffee shops across the country. Whether these times of struggle are to save for next years college excesses or for once-in-a-lifetime trips abroad, there are many ways you can ensure that you approach your work with a smile and a spring.

Making the Most of Your Summer As a College Student

1. Do something you enjoy. 

Contrary to popularly held beliefs; students and college kids aren’t confined to only working as shelf stackers or waiter/waitresses. Finding an interesting and entertaining job can make summer jobs an interesting and enjoyable experience.

Some jobs can involve traveling hundreds of miles to new and interesting places each week, whilst others could involve writing articles and press releases for a local charity.

Working in theme parks or summer camps can be exciting and engaging in a way that few other jobs can match, offering after-hours fun to keep your spirits up at all times.

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2. Earn experience.

Taking the time to find a summer jobs that suits and benefits you in the long term can really pay off. Whatever your future career might be, there will be a job that can offer you experience and a taste of what that job entails.

If you’re training to be a vet, then local animal shelters always require assistance; whilst runner work on TV shows will always provide great entertainment despite the long hours.

Being hungry, ambitious, and brave enough to keep looking for what you want is an important part of job-hunting. Be proactive, send out endless emails and keep hunting. Eventually, someone will give in.

3. Be with friends.

Where once summer holidays were spent messing around in your backyard with your friends and no cares in the world, the chance to work with those friends should be seized at the first opportunity.

No matter how many tables you need to clean or trashcans you need to empty, the whole experience will be brightened by the presence of one or two close friends.

Even the most onerous of jobs can breed long lasting memories in the company of the right people, and when the realities of adult life sets in and time with friends comes harder to find, it is these reminiscences that will be fondly remembered.

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4. Get physical.

Keeping proactive outside of work will also reap huge benefits over a long summer. If you’re struggling to find work, exercise is proven to help your mindset in tackling the job hunt.

Fitting in a gym sessions or a run before or after shifts will help you stay positive and fit, especially if you happen to be working somewhere with a particularly tasty desert menu.

In some cases, it may be possible to run to and from work. If you’re already a fitness fanatic, working for a gym or at a sports camp can provide a great way of utilizing your hobbies for financial game.

5. Work abroad.

Finding a job away from home, whether at a holiday camp or even abroad can open your eyes to a fantastic array of experiences that just can’t be found by staying at home.

Many companies need activity instructors or reps in prime vacation spots around the world. Whether you have a love for windsurfing, sailing or just want to see a new part of the world, this is an opportunity to do something extraordinary with your summer.

Indeed, in Europe the likes of Magaluf and Malia are hotspots for students looking for new levels of entertainment. There’s no better way of combining a summer holiday and earning money whilst you still can.

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As we leave spring behind, now is the time to start looking for summer jobs, to take a chance to do something different and unique with the time at your disposal.

Before long, the bliss of college holidays will be replaced with the need to work through the longest, hottest days of the year, and the opportunity for adventure and excitement will seem to have faded.

Take this opportunity, and remember: There is work to be found wherever you look, if you look hard and long enough. Where will your summer take you?