Essays and assignments aside, writing is usually a hobby reserved for the future authors, fanfiction composers, emails to your grandma, and bloggers. But it gets a bad rap. Most people think that only those who can write, should, and everyone else should find their own medium. This is untrue. Writing, in whatever form, is healing and cleansing. And it can help boost your spring cleaning to new levels.

Writing is powerful. It has the potential to do more than make us sound articulate. Without even letting one person read your work, writing has the power to inform or even transform you. The influence your writing can possess surpasses any and all preconceived limitations. The greatest song or speech you’ve ever heard stems from good writing. When you write, it doesn’t necessarily have to be “good,” it just needs to speak to you. Putting grammar and syntax aside, what is it that you want to say? What angry words are on your mind? What happy thoughts trigger your new ideas? Write your heart out. The greatest thing you can write is your truth. One of the best instruments you will ever possess is the pen in your hand.

Writing is cathartic. It’s almost like releasing the gauge of a pressure cooker. You’re able to vent about your problems, providing the needed emotional release. Some people may feel that it’s an act of self-indulgence or they believe that what they have to say may not exactly be as enjoyable to read as Dr. Seuss. Quite frankly, what emerges from your writing will not be appealing all the time, not even to you. The truth of the matter is more of the good, the bad, and the ugly will emerge when you have therapeutic writing as a habit. Not only will you let your emotions out, you’ll sometimes find solutions to your problems, taking catharsis to that next level. A pen and paper is cheaper than therapy or drugs.

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Writing is self-empowering. As a twenty-something, more than likely you’re in the process of figuring out who you are. Your likes, dislikes, fears, and ambitions are all up for discovery when going through experiences. While writing, you may just find out something about yourself you never knew before. Maybe you’re a lot stronger, more stubborn, or wiser than you thought. You can then take those discoveries and apply it to your daily life, possibly discovering more. You’ve turned your writing into your experiences and vice versa. The introspective side of you will be so loud that who you are will inevitably become transparent beyond paper.

Writing is art. People tend to forget that there is a story in every direction. The homeless man down the street, the empty plastic bottle in your room, and the rally at the state capitol all have their story of how they came to be. Writing is so much more than words plastered on a piece of paper. It takes great skill and patience to write such truth in a song, a speech, a screenplay, or even a yearbook message. There’s a reason why some quotes are more memorable to us than others, why some songs make us cry, why some speeches give us goosebumps. There’s a personal truth in their words; words that writers so creatively put together to transcend meaning and change. Writers write about what they know, and what they know for sure is their own truth.

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If you can be inspired from art that is surrounding you, what’s stopping you from creating your own?