Your workspace should be a sacred space. It’s a place that is yours, a place where things happen, a place for getting shit done. When you walk around a workplace, it’s not uncommon to see family photos and children’s artwork among the file cabinets and computer screens. Office personalization isn’t just a novelty, it actually helps to promote well being in the workplace. But as young professionals, it’s not often that twenty-somethings have the luxury and space that a corner office provides. Thankfully, the tips for creating the optimal work environment that’s all about you are the same, whether you’re in a cubicle or a corner office.

Buy a desk plant: I’ve talked about the magic of indoor plants before, and I won’t shut-up anytime soon! Desk plants can seriously make a major impact, especially if you’re without a window. In addition to nature’s psychological voodoo, plants can help create personalization in an otherwise cookie-cutter space. Indoor favorites include jade plants, philodendrons, and bromeliads. Don’t forget to name your new office pal!

Cover your bases: Offices can often mean uncomfortable carpeting or ugly tile. Thankfully, these are problems that can easily be fixed! Even if you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful floor at your office, adding something extra can really make a workspace your own! Rugs, while they can be a bit pricey, add big impact to a room and can absolutely transform a cubicle. Whether you want design-inspired minimalism or a fun pop of color, you’re sure to find a rug that will make your space you.

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Grey cubicle faux walls can also be a bit of a let-down. Wallpaper, craft paper and fabric are all possible options for an office makeover. 3M products, or even tacks if your walls are the right material, can be easily used to hang your personalized print. Browse your local craft store or get lost on Etsy to find the perfect product for you.

Chaos breeds creativity: It’s easy to fawn over perfectly organized offices on Pinterest, but that ideal is often out of reach, especially for creatives. Studies show that while physical order may be optimum for some positions, chaos is actually much better at breeding creativity. While you’ll obviously have to take your position and workplace into account, don’t feel ashamed to let your space get a little crazy. After all, it’s yours!

It’s can be hard enough getting up in the morning, even if you’re at your dream job. Make your office someplace you want to be. Make it yours! And ff course, make sure all of your makeover project adheres to your company’s office policy.