Attitude check

You’ve probably heard the song “Sunny and 75” by Joe Nichols. The video includes a beach, sunglasses, and as little clothing as possible. So naturally, our minds go: summer, summer, summer!

Springtime comes at different times and in different forms for a lot of people. For college students, any time after Spring Break is spring; for older twenty-somethings, anytime after March 20th is spring – no matter the whether.

But a lot of what makes spring spring is the weather – the sun, the blue skies, the white fluffy clouds, and absolutely no snow. But Mother Nature doesn’t always like to agree with the calendar.

Either way spring, psychologically, means happiness. There is no conceivable universe, where sunshine, blue skies, and chirping birds can make you angry.

And because spring is associated with happiness, people use this as a reason to “spring clean,” usually involving cleaning the apartment (kitchen, bathroom, oh my!) or tossing out the old to make room for the new.

But here’s what “spring cleaning” really should be about (drumroll please) …

Your attitude.

Spring is arguably one of the greatest times of the year to start over. The dull of winter has passed, the sun is shining, and even the birds seem to be in better moods. So why shouldn’t you?

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The year is still fresh. There are seven months left to start one of the best years yet.

But how, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of life, can you start a new slate?

1. Remember those New Years’ Resolutions

Yeah, okay, so maybe you didn’t keep the resolutions like you wanted to, but there is nothing holding you back from trying a second time. On January 2nd I told myself I’d hit the gym every day and cut back on soda. It happened, and then it didn’t. And that’s okay, but I told myself that the sunshine and general happiness of spring will help me keep this resolution this time around.

2. Remember you’re in the final stretch

Whether your still in college, grad school, or out on your own – summer is coming and that keeps every hope alive. Summer for students is heavenly, no doubt, but for those with full-time jobs and real life it’s also an excuse to be a child, again. Although it doesn’t seem like it now, getting in the mindset of changing your attitude now will go a long way when it’s finally summer.


Okay, you can’t control the sun and neither can I but you can control how you react to the weather. If it is sunny and 75, get out. Leave your phone, tablet, or whatever inside and just relax. Maybe this, and this alone, will cleanse your attitude.

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Every spring, people will tell you to make the most of the weather and the general feeling of spring around you. Listen to them. Take this opportunity of good weather and sprouting flowers to control your year in the direction you want.