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Signs of spring are starting to appear. The time change and rising temperatures hint of warm summer days. And we’re starting to be able to get away with leaving our winter jackets behind when we go out for a lunchtime stroll. At least that’s where you’ll find me, with an iced coffee in hand, this season!

Spring is a great time to bring in fresh energy — out with the old, as the saying goes! It’s the perfect time to take a deeper look into different areas of our homes and do a refresh our various spaces. Here are three spaces and places I think we should all start with this spring season.

Spring Cleaning: 3 Ways to Declutter and Optimize at Home

1. Clean up your computer.

Whether you’re browsing online, working or organizing photos from a recent trip, chances are you spend a great deal of time on your computer everyday. Our computers end up full of old files and digital clutter just through everyday use.

If your computer is running slower than usual, don’t automatically think you need to replace it. CleanMyMac X is a quick must-have solution to make your computer as good as new! 

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Once you purchase a subscription, click “scan.” The software will then do a cleanup and remove unneeded junk from your computer. It will also check for potential threats. Finally, it will check for ways to improve your computer’s speed.
It’s really straightforward and easy to use. To be completely honest, I can’t believe I wasn’t using it sooner! I recommend installing it first thing whenever you get a new computer to maintain it. I’ve noticed a difference in my computer’s speed since I started using the CleanMyMac X software to tidy it up. You can learn more about how it works here.

2. Organize your cabinets and drawers.

My main cabinets are in my bathrooms and kitchen, and I’d bet yours are too. Most of the things you’ll find under there are things like cleaning supplies, medicines, cosmetics, and extras that you probably forget you had. These places often become a catchall and get stuffed with things that end up as an “out of sight, out of mind” problem.

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I recommend taking everything out from under your cabinets and in your drawers and creating a pile on the floor. Then get to organizing. Start by tossing or recycling anything that’s expired – it’s not worth the risk of using it! 

Then get rid of anything you haven’t used or touched in the past six to twelve months. If you haven’t used it in that timeframe, you probably aren’t going to. These things you could recycle or donate.

Only try to keep things that you know you’ll use. I always ask myself these two questions when I’m trying to decide whether or not to keep something:

  1. Do I like this enough to use up the entire container?
  2. Do I use this enough to justify keeping it?

Asking myself these questions gives me clarity on the usefulness of an item. If I answer no to one or both of these questions, I can safely pass it on.

Just like CleanMyMac X cleans what you can’t see off of your computer, decluttering and organizing what’s you *can’t* see in your home will make a huge difference. 

You can also take this motivation to your clothing closets, linen closets, pantry, and bookshelves to name a few extra spaces. Clearing out the digital clutter as well as your visible and invisible clutter will leave you feeling lighter all around.

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3. Streamline your daily routines.

We all get stuck in our routines from time to time. It can be a real downer because our routines are what make our habits and our habits are what make us. 

Take a look at what your daily schedule is like. If you’re not sure exactly where your time goes, try writing down what you spent the last half hour doing every half hour throughout the day. 

Now that the sun is starting to rise earlier, I find myself wanting to get up earlier too. I’ve also got a little more on my plate these days as I’m only two and a half months postpartum. I’m quickly finding that I need to create a routine that keeps me balanced and healthy.

Focus on what you *absolutely* need to get done everyday at a bare minimum. Then work the less frequent things into your schedule. For example, everyday I need to shower, go on a walk or workout, drink 96oz of water, and make sure our meals are good to go. Every couple of days we need to do laundry, clean the kitchen, and sterilize bottles.

These things are part of my standard and non-negotiable routine. I cut out the time I spend doing them by building them into my day. 

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I also like to try to read everyday, straighten up the house, write, and spend time with my husband. It helps if I can throw a face mask on while I’m doing those things, of course. 

Essentially, try to cut the things out of your day that aren’t necessary or helping you reach your goals. If you’re finding your spending too much time cooking, why not meal prep? Instead of being tired going to the gym everyday, shoot for a longer workout three times per week instead. If you’re spending a lot of time on a slow computer, clean it up with CleanMyMac X to make it as good as new — and saving you precious time in the process. 

One of my favorite motivation sayings is “stop getting in your own way.” If there’s something that can be done to make your life lighter, easier, and faster, why not do it now instead of waiting? 

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