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soothe an anxious pet

The unpredictable behavior and actions of an anxious pet can become a recipe for disaster. Pet owners who have to deal with freaked out pets may find themselves scratching their heads. With a growing trend of leaving pets behind during the holiday season, more of pet-related anxiety issues are seeing light – likely due to separation anxiety and the stress of living alone or in a kennel situation for an extended period.

Moves too can result in pet anxiety. Your canine may feel unsure about his/her new surroundings, which can result in behavioral inconsistency that wasn’t previously a problem. And sometimes, pets absorb the emotions of their caregivers: if the owner is stressed, the pet may become extra-sensitive; if the owner feels chaotic, insecurity may be felt by the pet.

So, what can you, as a loving pet owner, do to ensure that your four-legged friend stays calm and stress-free? Below are some measures you can take to battle pet anxiety.

1. Specialized Nutrition

Often, it is simply the matter of arranging the right nutrition for your pet to help him/her overcome phobia/anxiety. Canna-Pet and similar resources reveal that whole-plant based nutrition is available for pet owners to overcome anxiety, nausea, and other similar issues their pet suffers from. Medical researchers and scientists are collaborating and using formulation technology to create exclusive blends of cannabinoids (naturally occurring compounds in plants) and deliver them in the shape of pet-calming products.

2. Safe Area

If you’re leaving your pet behind during the holidays, a new face (the temporary caretaker) can be overwhelming, and the constant stream of people coming in and going out (kind of a must in this season) can have the same effect on your pet.

If they get anxious around new faces, allow a safe area in the house for them, where they can go and enjoy some quiet and peaceful time. The area should be kept off-limits to people if they seem to want to use that space. Also, tell the caregiver not to force your pet to adopt a new routine; let the pet determine how much they want to socialize.

3. Extra Attention

Give your dog/cat the attention they’re used to. If you’re moving to a new home or going away for holidays, a little bit of extra love is critical to making them feel safe and calm. Keep in mind that strange behavior is linked to their discomfort with the sense of being not in control.

If extra attention doesn’t take care of their anxiety, seek help from a professional veterinarian to keep difficult behaviors at bay. Also, continue giving unconditional attention to the pet; the more loved and safe they feel, the better they’ll bear the change.

4. Calming Music

Whether it’s you or your replacement caregiver, calming music for pets can beat anxiety and soothe their nerves. Avoid jazz and rock as it can make them more anxious. Classical and bedtime tunes are perfect for slowing them down.

The right music will make them relax instantly and feel absorbed, the same way as humans do when they hear a hypnosis track. Classic music with a certain frequency range and specific tempos along with a human heartbeat make a perfect mix for calming pet music.

Follow these tips to ensure your pet doesn’t suffer from high irritability and stress. 

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