Let's work together to keep social media a kind, honest, and human place by breaking these nasty habits in 2016.

Whether we’re ready or not, another year is already upon us. With 2015 behind us, we can make plans as to what we want to accomplish in 2016. A new year not only allows us to evaluate our past actions; it also allows us to make necessary change in our lives.

One year ago, we posted our social media resolutions for 2015. With the resolutions, hopefully we were able to improve our careers and foster stronger connections on social media. Along with our four resolutions from last year, we have a few more to add on to this year.

These three tips aren’t specific to 2016, but they can be helpful for those looking for a fresh start in the new year:

1. Pick kindness over criticism. How often have we looked at other social media accounts only to poke fun or criticize someone for what they posted? Social media can often encourage passive communication, where we simply “like” or view what’s going on in people’s life rather than having a conversation with them.

In 2016, we shouldn’t look at someone’s profile just to criticize him or her. If we see good news on Facebook, we should contact the person directly and congratulate them. And if we see some inappropriate or annoying social media posts, we should stop looking at those profiles. Direct and thoughtful communication is something we should strive for with our friends, family and colleagues.

2. Feel free to be honest. Most people have a struggle, either public or private, that they’re going through. We might feel pressure to post online about a perfect house, spouse or job. In reality though, we may be working long and stressful days and feeling down about the future.

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When these hard periods last a while, it’s okay to let people know on social media that you’re having a hard time. Most of the time discretion is advised on social media. That doesn’t mean we have to be perfect though. It’s okay to admit that we’re going through a rough patch.

3. Don’t make social media a central hobby. It can be tempting to spend hours on social media, jumping from one profile to the next and posting photos, statuses, and videos. However, social media often means more time wasted than we expected.

Surfing online can be a tremendous time suck when we count up all the hours we spend. We can also feel a sense of guilt if all we did one day was hang on Facebook or Twitter. Social media should be limited from one to a few check ins a day. We should share our hobbies on social media, not let social media become our only hobby.

How do these resoluations sound to you? Let’s turn social media into a kind, honest, human, and fun space.


Discussion: What are some of your resolutions for 2016? We want to read them in the comments!