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Snap Kitchen Review: Ready-Made Meals Delivered Straight To Your Door

Today I’m sharing my honest review of Snap Kitchen. They are a meal delivery service that delivers fresh, ready to heat meals straight to your door. The code GEN20 saves you 20%!

As a full-time mom of two who runs multiple businesses also full-time, you could say I am a little bit busy. Like most people, my schedule is jam-packed and most minutes are accounted for every day. But it’s important to me that my family and I eat healthy, well-rounded meals. 

Meal times can be a bit hectic in our house. Especially lunch for me for some reason – it seems to get put on the back burner or I’m throwing together my toddler’s leftovers for myself – not ideal.

I want to share my review of Snap Kitchen, because I’ve just eaten twelve of their meals. And I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised! Both by the quality and the portion sizes. I sometimes worry with meal delivery that I won’t really feel like I’m getting my money’s worth – but I have to say that’s not the case with Snap Kitchen

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Beef Satay – One of My Favorites

Snap Kitchen Review: Ready-Made Meals Delivered Straight To My Door

I’ve tried my share of delivery services for meal kits that you prep and cook, meals that you just cook with pre-prepped ingredients, and meals that come fully ready and just need to be warmed. Like I said, it’s important to me how I allocate my time! And good food matters.

Snap Kitchen is a meal delivery service for busy people who want to eat healthy, hand made meals. Snap Kitchen’s mission is that real food should be convenient and delicious. What I love is that the meals are well-rounded without being the stereotypical salad, boiled chicken, or steamed veggies that plague so many healthy recipes. 

The meals are dietitian-curated meals made by chefs and Snap Kitchen has a variety of plans and diets the meals adhere to such as vegetarian, paleo, keto, and more. Plus you can choose to customize your plan so that you can mix it up if you don’t adhere to a specific diet style. 

The Cost Breakdown

There are a few different ways to get Snap Kitchen meals to your table. First, they are a meal delivery service, so you can choose from two plans: six or twelve meals per week.

Here’s the cost:

  • If you choose 6 meals per week, each meal is $11.67 or ~$70/week
  • If you choose 12 meals per week each meal is $9.58 per meal or ~$115/week

And shipping is FREE!!

They also have breakfast, lunch and dinner options depending on your needs. The 12 meals per week plan is ideal for me. I freeze some of the meals and stretch them for two weeks that way.

There’s a lot of variety in the meals (I get more  into this below!) and I really like that I’m not just eating a turkey sandwich and chips everyday. I especially love that I can get lots of veggies in at lunch!  

What’s unique about Snap Kitchen is their expansion outside the home. If you’re not one for weekly meals delivered, you can head to one of their 33 stores if you live in the area of Philadelphia or in Texas. Snap Kitchen meals can also be found in certain Whole Foods locations! 

Use Code GEN20 to save 20% at Snap Kitchen.

Hot Honey Chicken Tenders and Mac and Cheese – a family favorite

Having Snap meals delivered to my door every week takes so much stress and time out of my day that I’d spend trying to meal plan or meal prep myself. It’s honestly time that I don’t have to spare. I love that these are pre-portioned and pre-cooked so all I have to do is warm them up in the microwave and we can enjoy them. Which is also really helpful because we’re always running around the house and can go from zero to hungry very quickly! 

We don’t really follow specific diet plans in our house but for the last several months I’ve been eating low-carb due to gestational diabetes that developed while I was pregnant with my second son. So, that being said, some of the meals we tried were low-carb and some were more carb-y, and we have liked them all.

Chicken Alfredo – so good!

Use Code GEN20 to save 20% at Snap Kitchen.

Now, About The Food…

My two year old son really loves spicy food, so his favorite was definitely the Hot Spicy Chicken Tenders, which is interesting because he doesn’t usually love chicken on its own. Of the twelve we’ve tried we’ve liked them all—but my favorites so far have been the Beef Satay, the Naked Chicken, Chicken Burrito Bowl, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Cacio e Pepe with Rosemary Chicken, and the Hot Honey Chicken Tenders. 

These are the twelve Snap Kitchen meals we’ve tried so far: 

  • Beef satay
  • Cacio e Pepe with Rosemary Chicken
  • Chicken burrito bowl with avocado salsa
  • Egg roll bowl
  • Naked chicken
  • Naked beef
  • Hot honey chicken tenders
  • Hot chicken with Mac and cheese 
  • Sweet and sour chicken
  • Spaghetti turkey bolognese
  • Roasted chicken with winter vegetables
  • Forbidden teriyaki bowl with chicken

Honestly I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites but if I had to pick, the ones listed above are what I would choose. I can’t wait to try more.

Hot Chicken with Mac and Cheese – my toddler barely shared this with me, he loved it!

How They Cooked

Now one thing I worry about with pre-made meals is how they’ll reheat. Are they really going to be as good as if they were made fresh? And I have to tell you – YES – these meals were SO good. And I’m not just saying that. I  texted multiple people to tell them about my lunch when I was eating these. 

The meats were juicy and not overdone. And the vegetables tasted fresh and not soggy! This is huge to me in pre-prepped meals.

Snap Kitchen Promo Code:

You can shop their site, Snap Kitchen here, and save 20% with code GEN20. That brings 12 meals to ~$92 or $7.66 per meal!

About the Author

Nicole Booz

Nicole Booz is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of GenTwenty, GenThirty, and The Capsule Collab. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and is the author of The Kidult Handbook (Simon & Schuster May 2018). She currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s probably hiking, eating brunch, or planning her next great adventure.


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