6 Dating Lessons Everyone Should Know

A good relationship is beautiful and rewarding; at the same time, it’s also a lot of work. Every relationship is different and there are no absolute instructions to make things work out every time. Every couple will have ups and downs and everyone will eventually learn some valuable lessons.

Here are six lessons that may help your relationship overcome some potential bumps on your dating journey. More information about dating advice available at BeNaughty.com.

1. If someone keeps saying they are too busy, then your relationship can’t possibly work.

Let’s face the truth, if someone really wants to see you, they will make time for you. If not, they will make a hundred different excuses. No one can be that busy to not even have three minutes a day to send you a text message. If someone is really into you, they will always make time to see you, or somehow contact you.

2. People always treat you the way you allow them to treat you.

If you want people to treat you differently, teach them how to treat you. That means that you have to teach them what is acceptable versus what is unacceptable.

Don’t let anyone disrespect you, make you sad or angry, or treat you like nothing. What is more, you can change the way people treat you both in your personal and professional relationships.

3. Believe people when they tell you something about themselves.

“I’m actually too busy, I might not have time for dating.”

“I’m just an ordinary boring guy.”

“I’m a total loser.”

They know what they say. So don’t deceive yourself with false hopes…  Run!

4. When someone shows you that they don’t care about you, they really don’t care about you.

We live in a world in which action is what really counts. Action speaks louder than words, every time. If you want to know if a person cares about you, you should, first of all, look at his actions, not his excuses or promises. What kind of relationship is that if all they do is treat you like an after thought or is too busy for you?

5. Be straightforward and honest about what you want and expect.

When people around you know what to expect of themselves and of you, it will surely make their lives so much easier. If you are always honest about your intentions, you won’t have to worry about being a bad person or leading someone on. It’s definitely a win-win situation for both parties.

6. If you want your love life to change, you need to start to do things differently.

Remember, life is a big experiment. When you carry yourself differently, people react to you differently. If you keep doing one thing over and over again, you can’t expect the outcome to be different.

On the other hand, changing doesn’t mean you will stop facing failures or making mistakes. But it’s good because failures and mistakes will help you learn what works best for you and remind you that you can do better next time.

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