We all have to work our way up on the totem pole, but there comes a time where you should say enough is enough. Once you graduate college, you’re on the job hunt and you might even be desperate for the first thing that comes your way. That’s normal. Many of us have taken jobs just because we need the job, the money, or because we were afraid nothing better would come along.

Once you’ve been in a position for a couple months or even a few years, you might start realizing that your current job isn’t what you want to be doing during your 9-5 hours. Here are three signs your job may not be the right one for you:

1. You’re always searching for the next big thing

If you catch yourself looking for jobs near you on LinkedIn and Glassdoor, your day job probably isn’t the right one for you. It’s okay to always check up on potential leads and jobs, but if you’re consistently searching for your dream job, it won’t help the current situation.

Everyone has dreams and aspirations in life, but you need to step back and think realistically. Maybe you want to become a fashion designer or some big time lifestyle blogger, it takes time and effort to get to that point in your career. The job you’re at today might not be the right one for you so the best way to resolve that is to find one more suitable towards your dream job.

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2. You’re checking out early.

It’s only Wednesday and you’re already checked out with cocktails on your mind. This could be one of the clearest signs that your job isn’t fulfilling all of your needs in a career.

Checking out early doesn’t have to be physically leaving the office, it could mean checking out mentally too. Mentally checking out could be constant phone use on social media, pinning your favorite home décor, getting out of your seat every 15 minutes, and dazing off into La La Land (yes I went there). It’s one thing to have a slow and boring day as opposed to being bored every day.

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3. You’re not giving 100%.

It’s okay to face the facts and tell yourself that your job isn’t the right one for you. But, the worst thing to do is keep slacking without giving 100% of effort and passion.

When you slack, it throws the entire office vibe off (I’m sure everyone has worked with someone like this before). All you want to do is motivate that person and tell them to step up their game. Do you want your coworkers or boss thinking this about you? I’m guessing not, so it’s a great time to start looking for a job that you can give it your all and be passionate about!

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Most people would tell you how lucky you are for even having a job, but it’s okay to admit you’re wanting something else out of your career. This is where you put your foot down and start acting on it by applying to jobs that will make you happy to wake up on a Monday morning and end every Friday with a cheerful cocktail.

You’re the only one that can steer your career in the right path, so get after it!