It’s that time of the year again. As February sneaks up on us, with it comes a celebration of candy hearts, bouquets of roses, and the infectious color of red. For the fortunately blissful couples out there, Valentine’s Day and the month of February are welcomed with wide open arms. It is that special time partners celebrate their love and devotion for one another. For us single twenty-somethings, however, this February presents us with a tug of regret and the empty feeling of loneliness.

Though solemn emotions threaten to overwhelm us, such negativity can be combated. Single twenty-somethings must come to terms with the bold truth: being single is not a burden. Rather, our singleness is a status we need to learn to embrace!

Consider the abundance of reasons as to why being a single twenty-something is a gift. We are free to be our individualized selves; we can plan our schedules without having to account for another person, we are graced with a considerable amount of freedom, and most importantly, we have time to figure out who we are alone, without the added measure of having to define ourselves in a relationship. These reasons—and many others—are opportunities we should seize in our twenties. After all, this is our chance to live life to the fullest before settling down.

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There are several ways you can tap into a hearty dose of self-love and embrace your single soul:

Self beautification. Being on your own is critical during your twenties. You waver on that teetering threshold between young adult and full-fledged grown-up. This shaded grey area presents you with time to figure out what you want in life. Is your wanderlust calling you to tour the world? Is there an itching passion inside of you waiting to break out? Whatever puts a smile on your face, do it, be it, and embrace it!

Enjoy your freedom. There will be plenty of time to dabble in the excitement of a relationship. Though the thought of companionship has its appeals, your freedom right now is a gift of liberty you shouldn’t waste. Travel your heart out. Try new cuisines. Date around, because right now you’re not committed to anyone but yourself and your own happiness.

Focus on friendship. If anything, your twenties should be a chapter in your life dedicated to branching out and meeting new people. Whether you’re still in contact with your high school friends, meeting new peers in college, and/or networking with co-workers in the workforce, you should divulge in friendships. Friendly faces will keep you company!

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Personal growth. Being single offers you a chance to grow as a person. This is an ideal moment in time to consider your past relationships. Why did your past romances sizzle out? Were you responsible for some of the reasons as to why the passion ended? If so, reflection and realization are essential. This presents an opportunity for you to make adjustments if necessary, to assure your next relationship is healthy and made to last!

 For now dear twenty-somethings, embrace your singleness! You have all the time in the world to be in a committed relationship. As Valentine’s Day comes and goes, don’t allow the flowers and chocolate to stifle your faith in love. Because in the end, self-love is the most important love of all.