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Note To Self: Relax Into Uncertainty

Endless possibilities float around us; our world holds infinite options for the future. This leaves us staring down a life long tunnel of complete uncertainty. The unknown will always rest ahead of us, no matter how meticulously we plan, prepare, hope, wish, pray, or create. We simply do not have total control over the way events will play out, and that can be absolutely terrifying.

What ifs, unpredictability, and vast unknown surround us. This reality can leave us feeling tremendous anxiety, especially those of us with strong controlling tendencies. Uncertainty is all around, and the only thing we can be sure of is that we truly cannot control everything.

If we choose to relax into uncertainty and accept our unknowing, we will live with more freedom and boundlessness, and far less stress. Accepting that we cannot know everything allows us to live presently and relieves the pressure of thinking something is wrong if we feel uncertain.

Do you really need to know right now?

Try inviting, welcoming, and sitting with uncertainty, trusting that what you need to know will be revealed in the right time.

You cannot predict the exact future, and you cannot know how something that is really working well for you right now will turn out in 20 years. Remove the pressure of needing to know. Instead, take a leap and do what works for right now because right now is all you truly have. When new information is presented, you can shift, adjust, and change as necessary.

Making a choice with the awareness that there is no way to control how it will turn out is not only brave and freeing, but it’s also much healthier than forcing yourself into rigid boundaries of knowledge. If you only do the things you think you know for sure and engage in activities that feel known and safe, you never try anything new, never experience better things, and end up keeping yourself small.

Relaxing into uncertainty means allowing the fact that it’s okay to not know.

Do what you think you know is right in the moment, and listen to what you feel. Living with uncertainty is radical acceptance of everything you cannot control, and forward motion nonetheless. It’s really being aware of yourself, what your body is telling you, and where your heart is leading you, because you will find your true knowing in your soul, not in an evaluation of the future in your mind.

There is no way to be so certain of any decision in life, so you can only do the best you can with the given knowledge and trust that if adjustments need to be made, you can do so when the time comes.

An attitude of “honestly, I’m not completely sure this is right, but it feels like a good decision right now, so I’m going to go for it, learn what happens, and then adjust accordingly” gets you much further than rolling around in frustration trying to make the prefect choice.

Making moves and taking leaps creates necessary motion in your life so that you can keep growing and becoming who you need to be, rather than staying still and never getting anywhere.

Accepting uncertainty can make you feel far more relaxed and able to breathe with more ease.

Accepting that you are not all knowing releases you from the burden of needing to be infallible. Failure is beautiful, inevitable, and necessary, and one of our greatest teachers.

If we look at it as such, it isn’t even failure. It becomes success when you view it as a learning experience that came from taking a bold leap and then when that decision no longer worked, you made a new one and created positive change.

You do not need to know, and you cannot know, what is going to happen.

Sometimes you just need to take the leap and have faith that you can handle whatever comes. Let yourself live in uncertainty because that’s the only way you will let yourself truly live. Relieve yourself of the burden of having to be all knowing and perfect.

We hunger for knowledge, and in many ways, that’s so great. However, when it interferes with our ability to live fully because we feel unable to move forward without knowledge of the outcome or a guarantee, it’s not healthy.

If you wait to act because your head is dizzy with “I don’t know,” then you will never take action. Embracing that you cannot know until you try, but that you can still carry on and jump toward what you desire in a moment, welcomes far more joy into your life.

No one really knows what they’re doing.

You won’t know the outcome of something until you’ve lived it, and you can swirl it around in your head endlessly trying to figure it out, but nothing will ever be truly figured out. There’s no age that brings ultimate wisdom and complete sureness of everything you ever do. You can look back and know your decisions were the right moves to make, but there is no way to know with absolute certainty before you’ve done it. There may be many “right” choices, or the decision may not be as significant as you think, because maybe what needs to happen is going to come to you regardless of the choices you make.

If you try to know the future and create it as such just to avoid the unknown, you aren’t leaving room for all the magic that could unfold even more beautifully than you could’ve imagined. Relax into the uncertainty of endless possibility, and be brave enough to sit with it and take positive action nonetheless.

About the Author

Isabela Minogue

Isabela attended Lewis and Clark College, the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, and Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy. Her interests include ceramics, baking, being outside, poetry, and dancing. Her long term career goal is to do positive and loving work in the world to help people, and to inspire, lift, and spread as much light as possible to other humans.


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