Everyday we are constantly meeting new people. Whether it’s family, friends, or a significant other, we will always have people in our lives that we have bonds with. These relationships can start in many ways, it can be with someone you work with, go to school with, or meet at the gym. As these relationships progress, you find that spending more time with these people can have an impact on your life, but not always a positive one.

Maybe you have a friend that is always putting you down. Or maybe your significant other is constantly trying to get you to do things you aren’t comfortable with. Maybe you have a relationship with someone who can be abusive – verbally or physically. None of this is okay in any sort of relationship and if you’re experiencing any of these it may be time to end it. But how?

  • Fade them out. Limit your texts and calls to this person. If they call you to get together, tell them it isn’t a good time. As time passes and you have less interaction eventually your relationship with this person will fade. This person will either get bored or tired of trying, or catch the hint.
  • Be open. If you feel as though the relationship is hurtful or affecting you negatively, you could also confront the person. Be open with them and tell them how you feel, how they’ve hurt you, or how your interests are different. This will not work with everyone; some people may get angry. Someone telling you they are ending your relationship can be hard, especially if they don’t see what they’re doing wrong.
  • Get help. If the negativity of the relationship is more serious (as in experiencing abuse), you should talk to someone. Get in touch with someone who can intervene or help you cut ties and get away from this person.
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Ending a relationship can be difficult, but if you feel as though it’s necessary don’t be afraid to do what you have to do. You shouldn’t have to suffer through a hurtful or unhealthy relationship because you are afraid to hurt someones feelings, especially if they are already hurting yours. Also, never be afraid to talk to someone and get help, your safety and well being is important and should be taken seriously.

If believe you or someone you know may be being abuse, please visit for more information.