3 Reasons to Work Out With Your Significant Other

Are you a twenty-something who needs to squeeze in a fitness class every day, but also has the thirst to see her significant other too? What if you could make yourself healthy and gain happiness within your relationship at the same time?

Working out with someone such as your significant other will help solve both of those issues along with being able to spend time over an activity which means something to the both of you.

Here are three reasons I workout with my significant other that benefit my health, while bonding and gaining true happiness between one another.

1. It strengthens your relationship.

Strength comes from your legs, arms, and core, but is it enough to help strengthen your relationship too? Performing physical activity with your partner can bring out that strength. Try taking your significant other for a run or popping into that new hot yoga class downtown. If you’re really up for the challenge and your relationship is progressing, you can sign-up for a half marathon.

Displaying each other’s competitive side is healthy for the relationship, especially when you are helping each other through it. There’s nothing better than receiving positive reinforcement from the one you love. According to Dr. Jane Greer, a marriage and relationship psychotherapist, “When a couple works out together, the actual exercise itself can physically and mentally have a positive impact.” Everyone loves a little love tap!

If you and your significant other don’t live together, meeting up at the gym can be the perfect mid-week “mini date” fix. There will be plenty of sweat along with endorphins to will bring out the smile you’ve been holding in from a stressful work day. Working full-time can put seeing your significant other on hold. Working out together can strengthen your relationship because you’re working on something together. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. Not only does working out strengthen your muscles and core, it leads to a happy relationship.

2. It boosts your self-esteem and sex life.

Sometimes you just need the “Hey, you’re looking more fit and toned,” comment from your significant other. Everyone at some point can use a boost of self-esteem, especially when you just devoured your favorite meal and are experiencing the “food baby” look.

Fitting a workout routine into your daily schedule will provide you that extra oomph you’re looking for and eliminate those negative thoughts from the night before. Having your significant other present at the gym will keep you motivated and will push you through an intense ab workout or cycling class. All you have to do is look over and he’s there encouraging you through the workout while giving you a wink.

Not only do you raise your self-esteem, you also enhance your sex life. Short bouts of intense exercise have been linked in previous studies with increased testosterone levels, which makes you down for the get down. According to Helen Ryan, a certified personal trainer said to Daily News, “Couples who work out together tend to have better sex lives because they feel better about themselves. They are more comfortable with themselves, and also it increases testosterone in both men and women, which increases sex drive.” Not to mention pumping iron and gazing at how hot your significant other is will make working out together more enjoyable.

3. It enhances your accountability.

Having your significant other be there with you on your fitness journey will enhance accountability between both of you. For example, if you both sign up to participate in a run or workout challenge, you’ll be motivating each other to push through and finish. Workouts and training will help you and your significant other’s physical well-being and also develop skills needed for goal setting and scheduling.

Working out together helps you bond together because you’re working towards the same goals and ambitions. Some days you aren’t going to be motivated, but that’s the beautiful part about working out together with your significant other, they’ll pick up the slack. Your significant other is there to get you up and moving, aka kick your ass into gear.

Knowing that you and your significant other can work out together and have fun at the same time will be healthy for your relationship. Having that special someone to motivate, push, support, and boost you up will only make your workouts more enjoyable, along with some under the sheets fun.

Being in a relationship as a twenty-somethings may not always be at the top of your to-do list, but having your significant other there for the fitness ride will only benefit the both of you. If you’re finding your workouts to be tiresome and boring, grab your lover’s hand and try something new!


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