When I was little there was nothing worse to me than a rainy day. It wasn’t that I was a sporty, active, tree-hugging young ‘un who needed to be shooting hoops in the backyard. Having to stay inside was just the beginning: there was an intangible gloominess to rainy days that seemed to permeate my entire being. I felt bored, stuck, and couldn’t think of anything to do.

Luckily my mom invested in some tres-nineties books written by homeschoolers on how to keep your kids occupied on rainy days. But as I got older and those kiddie-geared activities no longer interested me I realized that the rainy day doldrums hadn’t ended with puberty.

A fruitless search made me realize that there weren’t any books on beating those blues for grown ups, so I did what any other twenty-something writer would do and made my own list!

Here’s hoping this list will bring you a small corner of sunshine on the dreariest day.

1. Pamper yourself.

There’s something very calming about a slow and careful beauty routine such as painting your nails. But if you’re more Lizzie McGuire and less Blair Waldorf then a fool-proof sheet mask may be a better bet. Not only will it give you an excuse to chill out for half an hour but your skin will be absorbing a laundry list of nourishing goods at the same time.

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For those of you who want to pamper in a more practical way, why not play dress-up with your own closet? Create new outfits that you would never wear in real life and twirl around in your high school prom dress. Not only will you feel like a princess but I guarantee you’ll find a few old-but-new pieces to wear to work this week. Two birds with one stone!

2. Try something new.

Feeling adventurous despite the blah weather? Look no further than your computer. YouTube has a wealth of tutorials, from knitting to strobing to dancing. If you’re looking to move your body and leave the house why not try a climbing gym?

There is no better feeling than the “I am woman hear me roar”-type high you get from realizing that you have the strength to get yourself thirty feet off the ground. (And no, you don’t have to be athletic to do this. I am a professional couch potato and I made it to the top!) For something less strenuous but just as rewarding a visit to your local animal shelter will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.

3. Revisit an old favorite.

Spend a moment on self-exploration and rediscover the small things that bring you joy. Window shopping or searching for thrift store treasures is a wonderful way to bring a smile to your face without putting yourself in the red. If you treasure alone time head to a new restaurant by yourself.

If you want to grumble about the weather to someone who will listen, take a trip to a familiar bar and share your gripes with the bartender. For those who prefer staying safe and dry inside, turn up some tunes and have a solo dance party! (In this instance you actually can dance like no one is watching! Though I can’t guarantee you won’t catch a critical glance from your cat.)

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4. Self soothe.

Give your worries a break and tune in to your senses! For taste, watch a cooking show while eating your favorite food. For smell, light a scented candle and sit next to a window to watch the rain. Meditate or do yoga for a rainy day. Yogi extraordinaire Adriene’s gentle voice alone (sound!) is enough to improve your day!

Run your bathrobe through the dryer for twenty minutes so that it’s nice and toasty for touch, then snuggle up in your robe and couple it with sight by reading a peaceful book.

5. Exercise (your mind).

If you’re feeling more than a little cooped up and aren’t up for driving out to the climbing gym, why not give your body a break and exercise your mind? Coloring, drawing, and writing all engage the creative side of your noggin.

For an analytical challenge try Sudoku, a refresher course of your high school language, crossword puzzles, or a good old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle. Are your roommates feeling the blues too? Play a community-friendly word game such as Boggle or Huggermugger.

Is your favorite rainy day activity on this list? What advice would you give to a twenty-something who’s feeling cooped up by the weather?