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The Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

This post is featured on behalf of Stacey White.

Many people dream of creating a business they can manage from anywhere in the world. You want flexibility and more time to enjoy life. Most of us hate commuting to work every day, and getting dressed on the days when we don’t feel like leaving the house. Apart from the obvious benefits of working as a freelancer, there are other advantages of having no schedule and office to work from. There a few pros and cons you might have missed, though:

1. You Will Be Invisible for Your Bosses and Colleagues

One of the main challenges of working remotely is not being able to discuss issues related to your work in person.

You might have a person on the other end of the phone or on Skype, but most of the time you will be invisible. You will not have a coach or team leader who will give you advice every now and then about career opportunities, and you will receive limited support and training.

2. You Can Get Bored Unless You Find Leisure Time

Unless you find a way to take a break regularly, you will be stuck in the same job. You might have been dreaming about being your own boss or working for the same company from home, while traveling, but monotonous work kills enthusiasm.

Find a hobby that makes you enjoy staying at home and tackling your workload more interesting. Take a yoga break, stretch, go for a regular walk, or simply go for a coffee every day. After all, you chose to work remotely to have more time to spend on things you enjoy. If you work all day, or at least sit  by the laptop all day, you will be stressed. Make sure you break up your day and socialize.

3. You Can Work Across the Border

Many people choosing remote work are stuck in the old mindset and only look for employment within their country. You can work across regions, and even learn a new language working from home.

If you are lucky enough to find a unique location from somewhere like and move to the countryside, you can work for American, Canadian, British, or even Australian companies at the same time. Just check the tax reporting requirements of your employer before you start your contract.

4. You Will Struggle with Productivity

Every freelancer and remote worker struggles with productivity sometimes. You will not have to attend team meetings (apart from the remote ones) and you will not get targets. If you run your own business, you will be responsible for setting your own targets, and this can be challenging.

You need to make sure that you spend at least a few hours of the day with productive work, and then you can relax. Get a time management software set up on your computer to keep an eye on your deadlines and hourly productivity. This way, you can get more done and have more time to enjoy your leisure activities.

When you start working remotely, make sure you have a clear goal, daily schedule, and target, while allowing yourself time to relax and enjoy your free time.

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