I’ve been told that your week starts Sunday night. In some ways, that is true. I know that when I don’t get enough sleep Sunday night, I’m tired all day on Monday. And then every day after that, I’m trying to catch up on sleep that I lost from Sunday night into Monday morning. Soon, I’m just trying to get through the week so I can sleep in on the weekend and make up for all my lost sleep.

And after sleeping in, I can’t fall asleep at a reasonable time on Sunday night, leading to another tired week.

I also don’t drink coffee. So the coffee drinkers can imagine that when I’m tired, I’m so freaking tired.

However, as I got more organized, I began preparing more on Sunday for the upcoming week ahead. Here some of the things I do on Sunday to prepare for the week:

Don’t Go Out On Sunday

Not including church/other religious activities or family brunch/dinner. There are some obligations that you can’t get out of, and when you build it into your Sunday routine, it may even be a relaxing end to your weekend.

But I personally don’t like to go out on Sundays, especially after the early afternoon. I like doing laundry on Sunday to mentally think about cleaning clothes and preparing to wear them for the week. Even if all you’re doing is watching TV, that’s fine too! Anything that makes Sunday an easy day to wind down mentally and prepare for the week ahead. I actually used to watch Golden Girls marathons on Sundays.

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Don’t make Sunday plans if you can. Save them for Saturday! Not like the church or family gatherings as aforementioned, but like big time socializing. Definitely no nightclubs or wild concerts. It’s not the time to get your adrenaline racing or your heart pumping. That’s what Friday night and Saturday is for.

Sunday is the day you take time to relax and ease into the new week. And definitely go to bed at a reasonable hour!

Schedule Out Your Week On Sunday

When I was working two jobs as a bartender and waitress at two different locations, it was difficult to keep up with the week ahead. I often didn’t know my schedule off the top of my head for the upcoming weeks. But I would take a day and plan out my work shifts for the next week or two. Then before bed, I would cross out the day and look to see where I needed to be the next day and at what time.

Even if you have a consistent schedule, I still recommend scribbling out your schedule on a calendar to visualize it. Maybe you have important work deadlines or projects, or even social events or parties. Drawing them out on a calendar helps you see how far in advance those events are and how much time you have to plan for them.

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Having a calendar also helps you see the empty slots when you have time. So when your friends have an impromptu party or invite you to see a movie, you know when you have time. You know when you have a big project due, you know when you have class, and you know when you just can’t make it. Or you know when you can squeeze in a night of fun because you have time or there are no big projects or events due.

Planning out your week helps you see what you have going on in the upcoming week and prepares you for any deadlines or projects. This also helps you know when you have free time for impromptu plans.

Be Excited To Dominate The Week!

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, especially if your week is routine. However, don’t let yourself think, “Ugh, another week.”

Walking into work on Monday with a bad attitude is like advertising that you don’t like going into work. Maybe you don’t, but when you act so unhappy about it, it leads your bosses to wonder why they pay you to come into a job you don’t want to do.

Instead, think, “Yay! Another week!” Or even, “Yay! More money!” Whatever helps get you excited for the week. Be ready for a great week!

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You’ve mentally prepared for your week. You didn’t go out on Sunday, and your laundry is done (hopefully). You mapped out your calendar for the week with all the deadlines, projects, and events for the week. It’s clear what you have to do for the week, and you know when you have free time.

You’re prepared.

Your attitude is half the battle. After you’ve mentally prepared, planned out the week, and gotten enough rest, you’re set. The only thing left for you to dominate is a great attitude. Know that you’re amazing, and be excited to own the week!