You matter. Your mental health matters. Your physical health matters. Your needs matter. Please take time for yourself.

Let’s face it, most days follow a routine– you wake up, walk the dog, and go to work all within the first 10 hours of the day. After work, you will hit up your favorite cycling class, walk your dog again, and watch some Netflix before you hit the hay. There may or may not be some wine involved.

The daily routine keeps you sane throughout the work week, but are you actually leaving time for yourself? I don’t mean taking an extra five to 10 minutes in the shower here and there. What I mean is your built-in self-care rituals that allow you to take care of yourself and invest in yourself.

So please make a mental note or put it in your cellphone or calendar as a reminder to take time for yourself. We all deserve a chance to de-stress and relax.

Here are some ways to take your mind off the real world and slip into a coma of comfort:

1. A Little R&R:

The best thing to do is throw on your fuzzy robe, pour yourself a glass of wine, and watch your favorite TV show or movie. Relaxing can mean different things to different people, but this routine is my go-to. Stress can wear you down, especially if you let it build up, so making time for yourself with some rest and relaxation will do your body and mind good.

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If you’re having a hard time relaxing and shutting off your mind, here are some things you can try:

  • Try laying in a yoga pose that is distressing and relaxing.
  • Put on quiet instrumental music or rainforest sounds.
  • Turn off your phone or place it in the other room. This will help the temptation of looking at it and straining your eyes/ mind.
  • Make yourself some chai tea and snuggle yourself in a warm blanket. 

2. Treat Yourself: 

Make yourself a priority once in a while. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary. Buy yourself a cup of coffee that you typically don’t or that adorable dress you saw online. I like to treat myself at least once a month. Whether it be using my Kohls cash for a piece from Lauren Conrad’s collection or a couple bottles of wine, receiving something new is always exciting and makes me happy!

Remembering to take care of yourself during your daily routine–not just during stressful times–is vital to achieve mind-body balance. We all need a bit of “me time” to shut off from the real world and focus on ourselves.

You matter. Your mental health matters. Your physical health matters. Your needs matter. Please take time for yourself.