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Old or young, at some point in life you’re going to go through periods of pain. Whether that be due to injury, illness, or just general aging, it can be so distressing, especially if the pain rises to a severe level.

Your pain can lead to time out of work, lack of a social life, and even loss of income and incurred expenses. All can lead to a lowered mood level and even depression.

There are many ways you can treat pains before they get out of hand, you just need to know the root cause to determine the best way to address it.

Pains usually comes from injury.

One of the most common ways to injure yourself is through exercise and strain. The most important thing to remember when exercising is to do a light warm up, and some stretches at the beginning of the exercise.

This allows the muscles to loosen up, and prepare for the strenuous activity. Make sure you repeat this at the end of your work out. It’ll help prevent any pulls in the muscle to occur post exercise, and it’ll stop any build up of lactic acid.

Make sure you’re fully hydrated as well, this has also been proven to prevent injury during exercise. If you find you’ve injured a muscle, the best thing you can do is rest. Don’t push yourself to do anything else until you feel fully healed. Use pain medication such as ibuprofen, and apply heated pressure to the affected area.

Another common cause of aches and pains is from work, especially if you’re in a role that involves being on your feet all day.

Feet in particular take the brunt of this. It may not be as bad when you’re young, but over time, the joints will experience wear and tear. The pains can be some of the most excruciating of all, especially as you have to carry on working through it.

Take a look at the best insoles for work boots. These will help keep your foot at the angle they need to be at, and provide the much needed cushion they desire.

It’s also common for people working in an office to experience back and neck pain due to poor posture. Try purchasing a roll mat, this’ll stretch the lower part of your back and relieve some tension. You can also try putting a towel between your upper back and the chair. This will force you to sit up straight, as the root cause is usually slouching. This will then in turn relieve a little neck pain. However, make sure you’re also stretching the neck daily.

Some aches and pains you just can’t control.

For example, if you have conditions such as arthritis. In these instances, it’s best to head to the doctors so they can give you the best treatment. This may include steroid injections, physiotherapy, or even joint replacements.

You can follow home remedies also, to aid the doctors treatment. Arthritis is so common in old age, and is generally the onset of how we treat our bodies in our youth. So treat your body as it should be whilst you have the chance.

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