Not a single one of us can escape the feeling of insecurity. I've opened up about my 3 biggest insecurities and what I've done to beat them.

Don’t let insecurity ruin the beauty you were born with. We all have insecurities that tend to invade our lives and touch base with us daily.


Because that’s how society and social media tells us we should feel about ourselves. By displaying everyday happiness, flawless skin, thin and toned bodies, and a perfect life, we’re taught to chase someone else’s idea of “perfection” and we become insecure when we don’t reach these standards.

But, these insecurities can be pushed aside due to inner strength, self love, and the love of others.

Of course those insecurities can come back to haunt you at times, but they shouldn’t dictate your every day life. Surrounding yourself with those who look past your insecurities are ones that you’ll want to stick around for the long haul.

Dealing with insecurities can be tough, but remember–you have the power to take the reigns and get control of them instead of the other way around.

Below I talk about my three biggest insecurities: body image, being alone, and not being good enough to love. I think these are common feelings that most people struggle with. I want you to know that you aren’t alone and that it is possible to live (and love) without them.

Body Image  

“I wish I had her body” used to come out of my mouth all of the time. Until I finally came to realization that I’m not 5’ 8” with long legs and a flat stomach. My 5’ 4” stature has always come in handy for playing sports and being quick, but that didn’t seem to be “enough”for me.

After graduating college, it hit me that I’ll always have those insecurities, but it shouldn’t affect my lifestyle.

So, what did I do? I started eating healthier by packing my lunch for work and I continued to work hard in the gym and doing at-home videos. Training for two half marathons has definitely held me accountable for keeping up with my fitness. One thing I don’t do is deprive myself from delicious foods and drinks.

I’ve dealt with this insecurity by placing this quote in my head, “Stop your comparing and complaining and DO something about it.”

Being Alone / Paranoia

Everyone always talks about their “alone time” and how much they appreciate and love it. For me, being alone wasn’t always easy.

Whether it be with friends or a significant other, I always felt as if I had to be around someone at all times, which also led to paranoia. Let me tell you, it’s not a fun feeling.

When it comes down to being alone now, I try to relax and find something to get my mind off of the fact that I’m the only one in the apartment. Working out or watching one of my favorite shows while enjoying a glass of wine helps me be more comfortable with my insecurity of being by myself.

Although I’m still working on this insecurity, I like to think it’s getting better each day. 

Not Being Good Enough to Love

Going from “I’m not good enough to be loved” to “I’m the luckiest girl” has made me overcome my insecurity of thinking no one was going to ever love me.

From high school to college I dated a lot, and after a few days or weeks, I always knew that person wasn’t right for me. Most girls can relate to this scenario because we’re young and trying to figure out our own lives. When your life and another person’s life doesn’t mesh well, it’s time for that relationship be over.

After multiple awkward dates later, I’ve finally found love and it’s mutual. This time around I didn’t try to impress or only showcase my good qualities, but instead I’ve found peace with who I am. And that’s weird, crazy, creative, and spontaneous, along with some not-so great qualities like being overly emotional at times, talking too much when it’s time to be quiet, and not being an excellent planner.

Once I started focusing on myself, life threw me Greg, who I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with—but that happened within a week of dating him. Fast forward two years and some change later, we’re living together in the middle of the country.

Don’t ever tell yourself that you’re not good enough to love because you deserve love. Tell yourself that you just haven’t found your life partner that gets you for you. It’s worth waiting for.

 Sure, insecurities are something that everyone deals with, but these problem areas shouldn’t be what’s most important to you.

Build off of the insecurities and embrace them because that’s how YOU were meant to be. When you forget about them, your life will become much more enjoyable and spent with people who admire them.