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November album releases reviewed

November albums released 2013

Good music is a part of the good life. Here are some quick reviews for a few of the most anticipated albums released in November, along with some suggestions for similar artists you might like. Be sure to check out the additional lists below for other upcoming and recently released music.

Lady Gaga – Artpop

Lady Gaga’s latest album seems to be a reflection of the musician herself: Drawing inspiration from various styles into a collage that’s kind of a mess but kind of enjoyable at the same time. The album delves into rock, electronic, pop, R&B, and even features several rap artists. While “Applause” is a solid single, the album lacks tracks as grasping as her previous hits such as “Born This Way” or “Bad Romance;” however, it’s still good enough to get your Gaga fix as she serves up pop in her unique way.

Now check out: Natalia Kills

Andrew Bird – I Want to See You at Pulaski at Night

Andrew Bird makes music that could easily be featured in film, and his latest album is set up in a theatrical fashion. The title track of the album, “Pulaski at Night,” is sandwiched between instrumentals, creating a perfect sort of rise and fall in the action of the music. Using the violin to drive this folk-ridden album, Bird creates music that’s easy to listen to. Turn him on if you’re looking for some background music while you conquer that mound of homework.

Now check out: Sufjan Stevens

M.I.A. – Matangi

After quite the delay, M.I.A. has finally released her much anticipated album Matangi. Though most are familiar with her largely popular track “Paper Planes,” less have granted themselves the pleasure of hearing any of her last three albums — but it’s not too late to jump on board with her fourth and newest release. While the lyrical content isn’t always on point – it’s political and even aggressive at times – the production is quite good, drawing heavily from Eastern sounds. Give the album a listen if you’re into electronically influenced music or you’re looking for something energetic and  jarring.

Now check out: Santigold

Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2

While Eminem’s newest album certainly isn’t his best, listeners get what they seek from the rapper: Ridiculously fast-paced and witty rhymes (listen to “Rap God”) mixed with the typical misogyny, homophobia, and violence that’s to be expected from Eminem. Now, if you can get past that, you’ll be able to see that The Marshall Mathers LP 2 shows a lot of growth from the Eminem seen on the original Marshall Mathers LP. Now that he’s over 40, Em’ should be able to channel the kind of introspection that supposedly comes with maturing and he manages to do that through the course of these tracks. If you’re looking for gritty rap, or you’re just curious to see what Eminem’s up to these days, give him a listen.

Now check out: Yelawolf

Other recent releases by: The Wanted, Daughtry, Avril Lavigne and Celine Dion

Releases coming soon: One Direction and possibly Jennifer Lopez

Happy listening!

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