Hey you! Welcome to GenTwenty, the twenty-something’s guide to life.

You’re probably here because you were Googling something like, “How to make friends post-grad” or “How do I do my own laundry?” or even, “Help I have no idea what I’m doing with my life.” Don’t worry, we’ve been there. And we’re here for you.

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GenTwenty’s been hanging out in this little corner of the web for nearly two and a half years now. We were founded by two college pals – Nicole Booz and Gina Kirby. Gina’s since moved onto other things (catch up with her job as a Social Media Specialist at IKEA here), but Nicole remains as our Editor-in-Chief. Come say hi!

Though we’ve gone through many changes over the years, our mission has remained the same: GenTwenty is a resource dedicated to building an empowered generation of twenty-somethings. We believe in you. Even through your Britney circa 2007 days. We’ve got your back. We want you to succeed and be the very best version of yourself.

We’re not trying to get all sappy here, but you know what? It honestly couldn’t be more true. We hope you’ll stay a while and join our family, because family means no one gets left behind (you caught us — we love our clichés).

xo Nicole + The GenTwenty Team

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