Fall is here! And with it is a whole new selection of new book releases. Here are six books we’re adding to our reading list this fall:

6 New Books To Read This Fall (Fall 2019)

1. Stillness Is The Key by Ryan Holiday

From Amazon:

All great leaders, thinkers, artists, athletes, and visionaries share one indelible quality. It enables them to conquer their tempers. To avoid distraction and discover great insights. To achieve happiness and do the right thing. Ryan Holiday calls it stillness–to be steady while the world spins around you.

In this book, he outlines a path for achieving this ancient, but urgently necessary way of living. Drawing on a wide range of history’s greatest thinkers, from Confucius to Seneca, Marcus Aurelius to Thich Nhat Hanh, John Stuart Mill to Nietzsche, he argues that stillness is not mere inactivity, but the doorway to self-mastery, discipline, and focus.

Holiday also examines figures who exemplified the power of stillness: baseball player Sadaharu Oh, whose study of Zen made him the greatest home run hitter of all time; Winston Churchill, who in balancing his busy public life with time spent laying bricks and painting at his Chartwell estate managed to save the world from annihilation in the process; Fred Rogers, who taught generations of children to see what was invisible to the eye; Anne Frank, whose journaling and love of nature guided her through unimaginable adversity.

More than ever, people are overwhelmed. They face obstacles and egos and competition. Stillness Is the Key offers a simple but inspiring antidote to the stress of 24/7 news and social media. The stillness that we all seek is the path to meaning, contentment, and excellence in a world that needs more of it than ever.

2. My Creative Space by Donald M. Rattner

From Amazon:

A great deal of psychological and productivity research has gone into discovering how the design of the physical environment can improve creative performance, yet nearly all of it has focused on the workplace, commercial spaces, and schools. What has been largely overlooked is the one place we spend more time in than anywhere else and where more people than ever are now working: the home. My Creative Space shows how readers can boost their creative output by applying science-backed techniques to the design and decoration of their home regardless of size, type, style, or location.

With over 200 stunning color photographs of creative spaces, including many designed by top architects and interior decorators, this lavishly produced book will inspire readers while offering practical and specific ways to transform your own home into a creative haven. Readers will:

  • Learn practical techniques to shape a home for peak idea generation
  • Acquire insights into how everyday activities at home can boost creative performance at work, play, and school
  • Discover hands-on household products designed to foster creative skills
  • Gain a new understanding of the meaning and psychology of creativity

Read about the best lighting to foster a creative environment, how to use walls to capture ideas, why round shapes spur greater creativity than straight lines, the benefits of incorporating nature into your surroundings, and more.
Whether you’re an artist, design professional, writer, entrepreneur, work in a creative industry, or pursue a personal passion for pleasure, this book is an invaluable guide for turning living space into creative space.

3. Skip College For Success by Seth Jared Hymes

From Amazon:

Get a 4-year, debt-free head start on the rest of your life with the valuable lessons learned by educator, speaker, and business coach, Seth Hymes.

The reality is, there are irrefutable, evidence based, and statistically proven arguments for looking beyond college as you start your journey to creating a fulfilling life and career.

And Skip College for Success offers detailed, step-by-step instructions on exactly how to do it.

Get ready for an often hilarious, sometimes biting, but always-honest discussion about the misguided frenzy behind the pressure to go to college and the insane academic roadmap to failure that has led to $1.6 trillion in student debt.

Don’t be one of the millions who graduates lost, broke and unemployed!

In Skip College for Success you’ll learn:

How post-graduate earning statistics are highly misleading
How unemployment after college has risen dramatically
How to get organized and make money without a degree
How to network and find mentors
How to navigate your taxes
How to build and manage your credit
How to start a successful business in today’s economy (for less than the price of even 1 college class)
How to grow a circle of life-long friends without the dorm room

No matter what path you choose, the valuable insight and guidance in this book will leave you feeling empowered, enlightened, and more prepared to live your best life.

4. Simple Acts of Love by Maria Del Russo

From Amazon:

From breakfast in bed, to taking over a household chore for your partner, to simply making time to cuddle together—this guide shows you just how easy it is to keep the romance alive in your relationship through small gestures you can do anytime!

In Simple Acts of Love, you’ll discover a multitude of suggestions to strengthening your relationship and having more fun together, including:

-Leaving a note in your partner’s suitcase for them to find while traveling
-Getting up early to make the first pot of coffee
-Buying their favorite snack to share as a mid-week surprise

These simple actions make it easy to be romantic every day while showing your partner just how much you care about them. With Simple Acts of Love in hand, you can easily brighten your partner’s day and keep your relationship strong and happy.

5. The Little Book of Self-Care For Gemini by Constance Stellas

There’s one of these books for every sign! If you’re into astrology, you’ll love this series.

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From Amazon:

Take Time for You, Gemini!

It’s “me” time—powered by the zodiac! Welcome star-powered strength and cosmic relief into your life with The Little Book of Self-Care for Gemini.

While a Gemini may have trouble slowing down, this book truly encourages you to take time to take care of yourself. Let the stars be your guide as you learn just how important astrology is to your self-care routine. Discover more about your sign and your ruling element, air, and then find the perfect set of self-care ideas and activities for you.

From eucalyptus aromatherapy to listening to choir music, you will find more than one hundred ways to heal your mind, body, and active spirit. It’s stellar self-care especially for you, Gemini!

6. Made To Hire by Merryn Roberts-Huntley

From Amazon:

The job search game can be painful. Does it feel like you keep applying to jobs and never hear back? Or that you’re getting passed over for promotions? If you’re frustrated, you aren’t alone. In Made To Hire: How To Get The Job You Really Want, professional career coach and university instructor Merryn Roberts-Huntley gives you the truth about why it’s taking so long to reach your career goals and how you can use her proven methods to get noticed, get hired, make more money, and reach your career goals faster.

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This no-nonsense, ultimate career guide teaches you:

– How to master your first impression with employers in-person and online

– How to succinctly tell your own story

– How to establish and use mentors to help guide you to your dream job

– The skills needed to craft the best cover letter & resume

– What a suitability map is, and how it is THE #1 interview tool to set you apart

– How to crack the interview code and actually get the offer

– What to do after you get hired to ensure you move up and make more money faster than your peers

Merryn not only gives you her advice, but also she includes interviews with more than two dozen wildly successful senior executives from companies including Nike, Apple, Whole Foods, Tesla, Under Armour, Samsung, and more.

This book offers the fast track to career success for people who want to outsmart the system and see results now.

Which of these books most catches your interest?