Generation Social - Network on Twitter

Believe it or not, Twitter offers a variety of job opportunities to users. As more professionals flock to Twitter, business connections and networks develop. Your tweets might just land you your next paycheck!

Where should you get started? Start by sprucing up your Twitter account! A clean and professional Twitter account will catch the eye of Twitter users.

Start by adding a smiling headshot of yourself and filling out your profile. (Think LinkedIn, but less formal). Then write up a short bio. Include your position, your industry, and an interest or two. Keep it light hearted, but not ambiguous. The more people know about you, the more likely that they’ll follow you! Also include a link to your website if you have one (which you should).

Next you can start connecting. Find professionals in your industry and begin following them. Once you follow a few professionals, Twitter will automatically recommend similar profiles. Click through “Who To Follow” and select any role models or peers you’d like. If anyone follows back, tweet and thank them! Work relationships can blossom through simple interactions on Twitter.

Once you’ve followed others, you can begin producing content. Tweet regularly with useful information. Share (or even write) engaging articles that others will want to read. Tweet and tweet often. Make sure to check in a few times a day. Let others know that you are a consistent and engaging user!

When you’re tweeting regularly, make sure to reach out to others. Don’t just tweet on a one-way street. Answer questions from others. Wish them well! Make yourself known by starting conversations and being involved. Tweeting just for yourself will give off an arrogant vibe. Show concern for others and reach out to them. Authenticity is key in social networking. Check out our guide for Turning Twitter Friends into In Real Life Friends

Finally, hop in on Twitter chats! Twitter chats typically happen on weekdays after 5 p.m. Most chats only last an hour and ask 5-10 questions. Find a chat that suits you. There are ones for business, technology, health and even millenials. Use the specific hashtag mentioned in each chat to participate.

Through Twitter chats you’ll discuss industry topics and find more followers. Some chats even offer giveaways. Twitter chats are just too good to pass up!

Twitter offers a vast network of professionals and thought leaders. Tweeting with others will help you meet these industry professionals. Get your name out in the Twitter-sphere through regular interaction with the pros! And who knows? Maybe these tweeters will refer you when a new job opens up.

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