Side hustle money

A side hustle is a buzz word in the personal finance community as of late and frankly, we at GenTwenty couldn’t be happier. What’s a side hustle you ask? A side hustle is something that brings in extra income on top of your full time position. Side hustles are ideal if you are trying to save up for a vacation, pay down debt, or just generally want to make more money.

The next question you might ask yourself is how can you find a side hustle that’s right for you? And really, there are limitless possibilities; you just need to find something that you can make money doing, and are good at.

 Below is a list of four side hustles to consider:

Nannying – As some of our readers are students, they will have fairly flexible schedules. This is ideal for part-time nannying. For nearly two years of my undergrad career I was a part-time nanny. It was fantastic, I got to play with little ones and was able to boost my income, allowing me not to go into debt during school.

Selling something you’ve made – If you can knit or sew or craft you’re a pretty special person as it’s a dying art and the Internet is here to help. Selling a scarf you’ve knit on Etsy or eBay may allow you to grow an online business that you never dreamed of having. Above that, if it’s something you love then you can profit off of it – it’s a win-win if you ask us.

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Writing – There is a large market for ghost writers right now and if you have adequate writing skills and a passion for writing you could be paid to do so. There are also many blogs and websites out there looking to hire writers to contribute to their sites and the Internet has a broad variety of content so finding a website or topic that you are passionate about may be easier than you think.

Online Virtual Assistant –  As point number three stated, there are a lot of online businesses growing and as such there are many websites looking for people to help them manage these sites. Virtual assistants are work from home gigs that pay you to help organize content on websites and/or deal with email management. It’s a great gig for someone looking to pick up a couple extra hours every week.

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The result of picking up some extra work may be that you can go on an international vacation sooner or that you can pay down the debt you owe sooner. Picking up a few extra hours each week is trivial but it may make a world of difference when it comes to your financial situation. Maybe your side hustle money ends up being your fun money; meaning the more hours you work the more fun you have. Sounds like pretty good motivation to us.

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If you can find a paid gig that is a couple extra hours a week and it’s something you enjoy or are passionate about you are laughing, your finances will shape up sooner than you ever expected them too.

So before you think about giving up on your finances, and before you get frustrated because you job isn’t paying you your ideal salary consider picking up a side hustle. If your side hustle is successful you may even be able to take on a job you enjoy more that pays you less. Having more money means more options, and side hustle gives you exactly that.