Originally published October 1, 2018.

Pumpkin Everything.

In honor of the best season, Fall, we bring you PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! Here are thirty-one recipes for thirty-one autumnal October days. Dive right in to some classics, some perfect-for-beginners, and some unique twists that will have your friends and family raving about your culinary skills.

31 Must-Make Pumpkin Recipes for Every Occasion

1. No-Bake Pumpkin Pie Mousse with Coconut Cream

This dessert is perfect for those who want a little twist on the classic pumpkin pie. Pair it with gingersnap cookies for the perfect fall treat!

2. Savory Pumpkin Pancakes from Ruchi’s Kitchen

These are basically health pancakes because they’re made with vegetables. And, according to Ruchi, you can adapt this recipe to suit your needs and vegetable preferences. Pumpkin, please!

3. Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Maple icing by Recipe Girl

These sweet babies have maple icing for drizzling. Does it get anymore fall than pumpkin and maple? I think not!

4. Pumpkin Lentil White Bean Soup by Heather Christo

This soup is hearty, vegetarian and protein-packed without losing any flavor or texture! Perfect if you want to make a gourd-eous soup, for yourself or to share with friends.

5. Pumpkin Bundt Cake by Two Peas and Their Pod

“Bundt.” Need I say more?

6. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Scones by What’s Gaby Cooking

Move aside, plain ol’ chocolate chip scones…Pumpkin is here! These scones are full and sweet without being fully-sweet. Pumpkin and Chocolate might be the new best pairing.

7. Pumpkin Apple Muffins by Taste of Home

This has a STREUSEL topping. STREUSEL! Can you get more autumnal and cozy than apple, pumpkin, and streusel?

8. Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte by Cookie and Katie

I can’t seem to get behind the coffee-and-pumpkin flavoring, but pumpkin and chai makes perfect sense to me. For my fellow tea drinkers, this one is for you!

9. Pumpkin Soup by Country Living

This recipe has my mouth watering and my heart warming, I can’t wait to toast my hands up with a cupful of this soup. It can be made vegan or vegetarian easily and it’s quick to whip up!

10. Pumpkin Mushroom Risotto with Parmesan by Country Living

I never considered pumpkin and mushroom to go together until I came across this recipe. It screams autumnal forest to me, whatever flavor that might be. Earthy, rich, cheesy, carbtastic goodness.

11. Pumpkin Cheesecake Roll by Delish

After watching as many seasons of Great British Baking Show as I could get my hands on, I feel adept in the knowledge of “sponge” and all things rolled. This recipe is the perfect way to pretend you’re baking for Paul and Mary— with all the splendor of eating the cake yourself! Or with friends…whichever…

12. Spicy Roast Pumpkin by Where is my Spoon

With a tahini yogurt dip (recipe included!), these spicy roast pumpkin wedges are deliciously flavored and you can play around with types of squash and spices!

13. Roast Pumpkin Seeds with a twist by Genius Kitchen

I’ve never successfully roasted pumpkin seeds and I think Genius Kitchen’s secret ingredient is what I was missing! You might be surprised what a little Worchester Sauce can do.

14. Pumpkin Bread by Once Upon a Chef

This recipe was passed down from her grandmother, who found it in a magazine 50 years ago. It certainly past the test of time, and the test of taste buds!

15. Pumpkin Spice Pecan Popcorn by Hot For Food

Salty-Pumpkiny-Crunch? There’s no better snack than this pumpkin spice pecan popcorn!

16. Pumpkin Waffles by Smitten Kitchen

This waffles are fluffy and flavorful, and with a little maple syrup, some butter, and maybe a few nuts this is my ideal breakfast September through November!

17. Pumpkin Ricotta Stuffed Shells by  The Blissful Balance

A fall spin on a classic favorite Italian Dish. Add a little sage and your mouth will sing from the delicate flavor.

18. Pumpkin Soup with Sage and Ham and Ham by Food and Wine

This soup comes with a wine pairing. A great way for a quick-and-easy but classed-up lunch.

19. Pumpkin Fritters by Serious Eats

Cheesy-Pumpkin-Crispy-Bites…I might be in heaven.

20. Pumpkin Buttermilk Biscuits by Foodness Gracious

This stay-at-home-dad brings dinner to the table, literally, with these pumpkin buttermilk biscuits. And we all know biscuits can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can’t go wrong with these!

21. Creamy Pumpkin Sauce by MegChaseWal at Allrecipes.com

This is the perfect sauce for any pasta dish, and you can easily make it dairy-free or vegetarian to suit your needs.

22. Almost-Famous Pumpkin Cheesecake by Food Network Kitchen

I think this should now be called “completely famous” pumpkin cheesecake!

23. Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream by Like Mother Like Daughter

This recipe is no-churn which means you don’t need an ice cream maker! And, best part is, you can make Pumpkin Pie Milkshakes with it! Are you drooling yet?

24. Soft Pumpkin Cookies by Lovely Little Kitchen

Pumpkin is filled with vitamins, so can these be breakfast cookies?

25. Pumpkin Cupcakes with Ginger Icing by Baked By an Introvert

Nothing screams “fall flavor” more to me than ginger and pumpkin together.

26. Pumpkin Chickpea Curry by Saveur

Pumpkin is the perfect ingredient to zazz up a curry dish and make it autumnal!

27. Easy Pumpkin Gnocchi by Recipe Tin Eats

These little pumpkin pillows of pasta can be made in 30 minutes! Can you believe?!

28. Baked Mini Pumpkin Pot by Epicurious

These have built-in-bowls!

29. Pumpkin Arugula Quinoa Salad by Sobeys

This recipe is quick, easy, and super healthy with protein-packed quinoa and vitamin-rich arugula and pumpkin.

30. Pumpkin Chili by One Lovely Life

Who says you can’t have sweet and spicy? This chili packs the heat while featuring the nutty sweetness that pumpkin has to offer.

31. Roast Pumpkin Salad by The Spruce Eats

If you’re thinking “fall is no time for salad,” think again! This warm salad is the lovely cousin to a cool summer salad. With maple and pumpkin and a little tahini zing, you will feel full and comforted while still eating those leafy greens.

Which of these pumpkin recipes will you make first?!

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