Even committed athletes sometimes struggle with motivation to workout. Often, once you begin warming up, the endorphins start to run, the music plays, and the motivation does come. Aside from everything else to think about and prepare for a workout, the most challenging part can be simply getting to the gym. The best way to combat this is to make the preparation stages smooth and easy. 

It can be tough to get off the couch and workout, especially when you have to pack your back, grab a snack, drive to the gym, etc. But, if all you had to do is roll out of bed and go, you would have no excuse! One of the tedious but necessary tasks is packing your gym bag. Asking yourself what to pack is a time waster and can draw out the process, thus giving you more time to get distracted, make excuses, or run out of time.

Here are 5 tips for what to have in your gym back that will make it grab-and-go ready for your next workout session!

#1: Gym bag

How revolutionary! The first thing you MUST have for your gym bag is… a gym bag! It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how much a gym back can impact your desire to hit the gym. To choose your bag, you need to evaluate your schedule and priorities. 

  • Backpack or shoulder bag? Consider what other items and bags you will carry at the same time. Multiple backpacks are awkward to carry, but a backpack on its own is very convenient.
  • How big? Size doesn’t matter in the trunk of a car. But when walking, cycling, or taking a bus, a smaller bag may be the way to go.
  • Working out before/after work? Think about what else you need for the day other than fitness gear. A laptop? Lunch? Shower supplies and a change of clothes? These will require a much bigger bag.
  • What’s your style? Do you want a bag that says, “yeah, I’m fit, and I know it!” Or something more subtle that you can carry all day and to the office? Having a fashionable gym bag and fits your needs can actually influence how we feel about working out.

#2: Water bottle

Everyone knows that water is essential for any workout but as silly as it sounds, the actual water bottle can impact how much we drink.

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Buying a plastic bottle every day is not cost-effective or environmentally friendly. Let’s admit it; having a cool water bottle can add a little spark of joy during a strenuous workout.

#3: Shoes

A reliable pair of shoes is necessary for any athlete. Like the bag itself, this is highly specific to you and your sport. Weight training, running, basketball, and golf all require very different shoes. It is important to find shoes designed for your sport that are also comfortable and fashionable. And a good pair of shoes is often worth the higher price tag.

However, sometimes that’s just not always in your budget. Loom Footwear makes some of the highest quality waterproof athletic shoes for all your athletic needs. Whether it’s about weight training, running, sports, workout or even home, Loom’s smart — and vegan! — shoes have got all of your needs covered.

#4: Hygiene Products or Cosmetics

Sometimes we need to shower at the gym after a hard workout. Make sure you keep easy travel hygiene products in your bag for those times when you need a refresh post-workout!

#5: Bands

Sometimes you may want to change your fitness routine, push yourself to a more intense level, try some new moves you are not yet strong in, workout outdoors, or even do it from home. For all of these reasons, a must-have is a set of workout bands. 

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Something like a Victorem pull-up assist band can help you stay ready for whatever workout you feel like doing. Bands can give you an intense full-body workout without the need for a gym or fancy equipment.

Pack smart

While little things like packing your bag the night before don’t seem like it would save any significant amount of time, the fact is, the age-old expression “out of sight, out of mind” is true when it comes to fitness. If everything you need is waiting for you at the front door, you are much less likely to “forget” them at home. 

Save this list and pack your bag now, and see you at the gym again soon!