Most things in real life cross over to the realm of social media. We talk about our relationships, our achievements, and our hobbies online. We also talk about the mundane,  like our errands to the store or what we had for lunch. It’s no surprise then that another aspect of life has found a place online. More than ever, fitness is being discussed and monitored through the help of social media.

Some might be skeptical of bringing the topic of fitness to apps. For many people, it’s a private issue. Some people care about it a great deal, while others only occasionally think about it. For those wanting to get in shape, or even just maintain their health, they have a convenient outlet in social media. If we’re starting our journey to fitness, here is a list of some of the best fitness apps and communities found online.

These apps are low cost and easy to use, which appeals to twenty-somethings in a unique way:

1. Daily Burn is a modifiable program for anyone willing to pay $12.95 a month. The company allows us to pick a program, of beginner, intermediate or advanced intensity, and then provides videos for users to complete each day. Customers plug in their health stats and complete the videos over the course of their program. Daily Burn also recommends specific meals for users to eat while on the program. Daily Burn can be accessed on the Roku or a laptop, so it travels with us wherever we go.

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2. For those feeling more advanced, Fantastic Six Pack Abs may be the perfect choice. A free app on iOS and Android, Fantastic Six Pack gives users videos to do each day. While users will have to work to get six packs, they’ll at least strengthen their core with this short term program. Each program typically lasts 10 to 30 days.

3. Feeling especially busy? Try Sworkit to get in a high intensity workout in a short amount of time. A free app, Sworkit lets users pick from all kinds of videos. And best of all, we don’t have to go to a gym to complete it.

4. If we want to join a community, Fitocracy is the place for us. For each workout we do, we get points and ultimately badges and rewards. Fitocracy gives users an extra push when they see what other people on the site are accomplishing. It’s a competitive community that pushes people to do their best.

5. Like Fitocracy, Daily Mile is another community of fitness enthusiasts. Formatted like Twitter, Daily Mile lets users post workout milestones and updates. It also can post to a person’s Facebook account to keep others updated about the workout.

What’s your go-to fitness app? We want to know in the comments!