Ugh, the job hunt. It’s quite stressing, isn’t it? Constantly updating your resume to tailor specific descriptions, proofreading over and over again, making sure everything is current and relevant — it truly is not easy.

Well, we want to help that as much as we can, because we know just how much the job hunt sucks. We’re sure you have already read various tips and tricks to drafting and finalizing your resume. But, you can never read enough of those articles! Seriously, you will likely find one new tip or trick that you had not even thought of (or read about) before, in every one that you read. We want to compile all of these for you in one place, as best as we can, to help make at least one aspect of your job hunt a bit simpler.

Please note that we are going to leave the “common sense” tweaks out of this piece — you know the ones that you have read already over and over again, such as “be sure to proofread multiple times,” “give your resume to someone else to edit and read over,” and to “include your phone number and email.” We are trying to provide you with those tips that you have not already thought of!

9 Tweaks To Make Your Resume Stand Out

1. Choose your font wisely.

I once received a resume for an internship position that was in hot pink font. This is a big no! Resumes should not be typed in any font color other than black. There is no need to “spice” up your resume in a colorful way. You can spice it up in terms of actual text language you are using instead.

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Be sure that all your font is the same size, and it should be in a standard Sans Serif font such as Calibri or Times New Roman. When it comes to resumes, less is most definitely more stylistically.

2. Formatting is more important than you may think.

You know that saying “don’t judge a book by its cover?” Yeah, that does not apply here. In fact, it’s the opposite. You are being judged by a piece of paper, and you want that piece of paper to be extremely easy to read. This is where proper organization and formatting comes in.

Hiring managers want to see what they’re looking for quickly. Put your most important experience on top – that experience that directly correlates with the job listing (under your contact information, of course). Also, make sure that all dates and locations are lined up correctly in each of your listings.

3. Keep it short. 

We know you have a ton of experience and you want to showcase all of it. But, in all honesty, no hiring manager wants to be flipping through pages. Keep your resume to one page, as best as you can.

This way, a hiring manager can see everything at one look. Plus, keeping it short and simple, assures that none of your experience will get lost in the shuffle, as everything on that page is vital!

4. Be weary of your email address.

Again, we’re back to judgment. But, that really clever email you had for AIM back in 1999? That needs to go. Your email address needs to be professional. It should include a form of your name to make things even easier. No hiring manager (or adult) wants to be professionally corresponding with someone who has the email address “”

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5. PDF it.

There is no reason for you to send your resume over as a word document. A PDF is much more professional, and it assures that no formatting changes occur if the document happens to be opened in a different version of word than the one you wrote it on.

Plus, all of those annoying squiggly lines that never seem to go away no matter how many times you right-clicked “ignore” don’t show up on PDFs, but they will on a word document.

6. Include statistics.

Do not be afraid to incorporate actual numbers into your resume! Did you increase revenue by 20% at your old company within the first few months of working there? Write that!

Those real, numbers that show a fantastic ROI are what hiring managers want to see. It shows them they you truly do know what you’re doing, and that you truly did contribute to your old office, likely meaning you will also contribute int his new position.

7. Add your LinkedIn page over your home address.

No one is going to send your snail mail. Instead, a hiring manager is going to Google you. Make it easy for them and provide a link in your resume that leads directly to your LinkedIn page.

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This way, they may not have to Google you — which reminds me, have you Google’d yourself lately? You may want to, before submitting that resume.

8. Don’t get bullet point happy. 

We know, we know, you have a ton of responsibilities at work that you are proud of and want to show all of them off. We want you to show them off, too! But the resume, surprisingly, is not always the best place. Remember, a resume is just a snippet into your experience. The details can be saved for the cover letter. Three bullet points under each header is sufficient.

9. Be careful what you save your file as. 

We’ve all done it – we quickly just save our file without fully realizing what we’re actually saving it as. Well, remember not to do this, because the hiring manager will be able to see the name of the file! Every aspect of your resume counts, no matter how small the detail.

Plus, do no just save it as “resume.” Include your name (or even just last name) in it, and if there’s enough space, include the name of the company you’re applying for as well.

Making your resume stand out can feel challenging. As someone who has participated in hiring, these nine tweaks will leave a much more positive impression on the hiring manager. They will make your resume stand out in a positive way. Good luck!