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5 Ways to Make Your Office More Green

This post is featured on behalf of Stacey White.

Going green is catching the attention of the corporate world because it saves companies money. In the beginning, the expenses may be high and more expensive, but the costs fall in the long-term. Just ask any office that prints less or uses energy-saving light bulbs. Another reason to green the office is that it’s beautiful! Yep, eco-friendly design trends are warm, spacious, and pretty–and that makes them productive. 

That said, here are five benefits to consider to convince your office to be more eco-friendly.


1. Add plants.

As the business world invests more in going green, it should be no surprise that Mother Nature is front and center. She has been waiting in the wings all this time and now she is going to shine. Of course, a modest plant pot or a bunch of flowers in the window are basic ways to bring the outdoors inside. But, this is 2018 and buying a supermarket bouquet isn’t always enough, so you have to get creative. Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon to see shrubs and hedges absorbing CO2 and expelling oxygen in a small office space. Artists among you will be glad to hear plant-based art is another excellent hack. Talented painters can make plants come to life, which should reflect the natural ethos of the business.

2. Home Is Where The Heart Is

Businesses are moving towards a home sweet home style for various reasons. The main one, of course, is that employees prefer working in a house-style office rather than a cube. Instead of buying new everything, cozy up the place with reused and repurposed furniture. Doing so will help to keep the place clutter-free and minimal. For example, buy a sofa for the break room, but omitting the corporate knick-knacks. Some bosses even like to add a touch of quirkiness because it feels less slick and more rustic.

3. Light vs Dark

Don’t think for a moment that low, dim lights are going to be the choice here. In truth, lights should be quite bright and illuminating for many reasons. Firstly, dimmers create resistance, which means the electricity has to work harder to flow around a circuit. As a result, the ambience could cost you a fortune in energy bills. Thankfully, MOONS’ tunable lighting uses LEDs to shine a light on the entire office.

And, this is essential for reason number two: the wow factor. Later on, the post will talk about using reclaimed materials, but, for now, just know that wood shouldn’t be hidden. The glare from the light fixtures will show off the best elements in the office so that everyone can see it in its glory.

4. Upcycling And Reclamation

There’s no better way to go green than to recycle old, broken materials. Not only is it thrifty, but it’s stylish and contemporary. You may not be the hipster type, yet you can’t deny that out-of-the-box thinking does have an appeal.

Consider leftover plastic bottles or paint tins for a moment. You can throw them in the garbage, but environmentalists with design in their bones cut off the tops and use them for light shades or plant pots. Don’t forget about glass, ceramics and tiles too. Then there are the major materials to consider. Furniture should play a big part in the interior design process, but there’s no reason to buy a brand new piece. Instead, opt for reclaimed wood that is deep and warm and eccentric in some cases.

5. In Vogue Colors

The days of lead paint are, thank goodness, well and truly over. Still, not all hues are created equally and some are less harmful than others. Be sure to read the contents on the back of the tin before heading to the checkout.  Warmth is essential, which is why reds, burnt oranges and mustard yellows are perfect partners. If you want to go the other way, deep purples and burgundies are darker and more vivid.

Which trend grabs your attention? Is there only one or do a couple pique your interest?

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