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Conversations With a Blogger: Madeleine Wilson of Small Town Roots & Cowboy Boots

SmallTownRootsandCowboyBootsJune marks the first month of GenTwenty’s official partnership program. Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our very first partners: Madeleine of Small Town Roots & Cowboy Boots! Madeleine is a Seattle native and a self-proclaimed Diet Coke addict, social media enthusiast, fashion lover, and sports junkie.

We chatted with Madeleine about her career goals, interests, and what it’s like to be a blogger:

G20: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

MW: I am a junior public relations major at Washington State University. I actually went to Chapman University for the past two years and am transferring to WSU this fall! I am also a member of Kappa Alpha Theta – a nationally top-ranked sorority with an emphasis on academic success and personal excellence. Right now, I have an events and marketing internship with the Seattle Metropolitan Magazine in downtown Seattle. I am very career-oriented and driven which is definitely a blessing and a curse – I rarely have free time but my résumé is killer. My family is my number one priority and I love them to death. After college I hope to move to the city and pursue my career in PR – I especially love social media marketing.

G20: How did you get started in blogging?

MW: I originally started my blog because a professor of mine offered extra credit if we made a blog that we updated monthly. Naturally, I found a passion for it and discovered my niche. Since then it’s just taken off like wildfire! I owe it all to that professor for getting me started!

G20: What is the most challenging thing about maintaining a blog?

MW: TIME! It’s so difficult for people who work or go to school to carve out writing time. Since I do a lot of fashion posts too it’s difficult to find time to take pictures since my only free time is usually late at night.

G20: What is your favorite part about writing and documenting your life online?

MW: My favorite part about blogging would absolutely have to be the community it builds. I have met a lot of people through blogging that I normally wouldn’t have. These women I’ve never met in real life will reach out to me through social media or comments on my blog because they’re genuinely interested in my well-being. There’s something really special about that. I’m a member of the Her Campus Blogger Network and that’s how I’ve gotten connected with so many incredible people. As you begin writing too, you also read more blogs to be inspired. I’ve loved being able to see the world through so many other people’s eyes – it’s really incredible how much I’ve learned about the world, myself, and writing. I’ve also really developed my marketing and writing skills significantly through blogging. It’s not easy but I love the challenge.

G20: Other than blogging/writing, what are some of your passions in life?

MW: I love reading – from fantasy to autobiographies, I can get lost in books so easily. I also enjoy working out when I have time. As simple as it is, I love spending time with my family. Whether it’s just eating dinner together or going on a fun adventure, I love spending time with my family. A huge passion of mine is also anti-bullying. I haven’t found a way quite yet to further develop it, but I have enjoyed reading and learning about anti-bullying campaigns. I believe in speaking up for people whose voices have been silenced.

G20: What is your favorite thing to blog about?

MW: As much as I love blogging about fashion and beauty, I ultimately enjoy writing about social justice issues and professional development the most. While the fashion and beauty posts are maybe more fun, the others are much more interesting, challenging, and compelling.

G20: Lastly, What are some of your favorite sites/blogs?

MW: I really love Cupcakes and Cashmere, Thought Catalog, Lush to Blush, Hello Giggles, Huffington Post, and Upworthy.

Catch up with Madeleine on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and at Small Town Roots & Cowboy Boots!

To learn more about how you can partner with us, visit our partnerships page for more information.

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Nicole Booz is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of GenTwenty, GenThirty, and The Capsule Collab. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and is the author of The Kidult Handbook (Simon & Schuster May 2018). She currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s probably hiking, eating brunch, or planning her next great adventure.


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