I was never into reading until I realized that reading doesn't just mean books. Here's how I now appreciate reading on ALL levels.

Recently, I’ve been introduced to something that’s typically not up my alley: Reading.

Reading is fundamental, which is what you’ve learned all throughout elementary school. But for some reason, reading for pleasure didn’t stick with me until just this year. And surprisingly, I love it! (Never, ever thought I would say that!)

If I’m not glued to my Pinterest account looking up recipes or fashion inspiration, I enjoy sitting down after a long day and diving into some good reading.

But look, reading doesn’t have to mean a 500-page novel. There are various levels of reading out there, and I’m learning how to appreciate each of them for what they’re are. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bookworm by any means, but it’s growing on me.)

Below, I’ve outlined the type of reading I like to do and what I take away from each medium to show you that there’s no one way to be a reader–if it has words, you can read them (and learn something, too!).

The Bestseller

It sounds strange, I know, but books are the latest medium I’ve turned to. Yes Please by Amy Poehler, is what’s on my nightstand at the moment. If you’re looking for a good laugh and a light read, I highly suggest it!

So, how does one become interested in reading a book if you’ve never really been a reader before?

Finding a particular genre you like is the first step. By figuring out what types of books you’re interested in reading and would enjoy will keep you motivated to finish (and probably sucked in to see what happens next).

Once you’re comfortable with the genre, you will start to discover other books that are similar that you’d be into reading as well.

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For me, I’m reading a comedic book, but I’m looking forward to reading a more informative book and New York Times Bestseller, Platform Get Noticed In A Noisy World – A Step-By-Step Guide For Anyone With Something To Say Or Sell by Michael Hyatt. Even though they aren’t in the same category, I’ve encountered other titles would suit my fancy.

Pick up to other books based on your job, interests, fantasies, or a specialty you’ve been wanting to master. No matter what the content is, you’re going to learn from it.

“Some books you read. Some books you enjoy. But some books just swallow you up, heart and soul.” – Joanne Harris

Your Monthly Digest

These subscriptions are a monthly present that arrives in the mail that greets you with an amazingly beautiful cover. Every month we drool over the hottest celebrity and their physique, ways to decorate your home, and catching up with what’s in style for the season.

Magazines are the type of read that are pleasurable and can be picked up literally anytime.

Unlike books, magazines don’t have an ongoing story line, so having these lay around your home go great with your morning coffee or night tea.

Some of the magazines that I’m intrigued by are Real Simple, In Style, and Ad Weekly. These three magazines all fall into their own niche such as home living and cooking, fitness and fashion, and various advertising and PR moves to make. Within each edition, there’s at least one featured well-known public figure that has tips and tricks to share with the reader. That’s the best part!

When I first moved to New York I bought VOGUE instead of dinner. I just felt it fed me more.” – Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City

So, how is reading a magazine different? I find these to be more leisurely and less “pull you in” type of material. Magazines serve as a reading platform that involves various items that interest you as a person.

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For example, if you’re reading Real Simple magazine, you will find different content throughout the entire magazine such as:

Having new and short material to read just sitting around on your coffee table will have you constantly reading and learning without even thinking about it.

What’s In Your Bookmarks?

Bookmark added! This is exactly what Google Chrome tells you after you’ve selected the cut-out star on the right end of the search bar. Bookmarking can mean a number of sites that you’re interested in revisiting. For instance, in my bookmarks I have:

  • Pinterest
  • Gmail
  • Twitter
  • GenTwenty
  • Madambeautymark.com (my personal site)
  • LaurenConrad.com
  • Tone It Up!
  • The Lo Down
  • My Domaine

This may seem excessive, but you’d be surprised how often I’m back on these sites every day. Even though Pinterest and Twitter are considered social media platforms, I retrieve a lot of readable information and articles from both. Pinterest is a great source to keep all of the articles to read in one spot.

As for the other bookmarks that lead to blogs such as LaurenConrad.com, Tone It Up!, The Lo Down, and My Domaine are viewed a couple times a week. Being able to read blogs written from some of my idols helps myself as a writer.

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A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from advising and changing the world to sharing your newest shopping list.

Reading material such as blog posts are short, sweet, and offer tips on various topics. GenTwenty is an obvious one, but more so on a level of what’s actually happening in my life as a twenty-something. Being able to read an article and relate it back to your current life is refreshing because these years can be toughest years.

Everyone is a self-proclaimed expert on the Internet, though. And with no mandatory editing process, be careful who you take advice from–anyone can post anything at anytime.

Reading is still reading… even if it’s not a book.

Whether you’re in the mood to read a story line or just want to kick back and enjoy mini articles or blog posts, reading is knowledge. Every material will pick up interests that will spark and blossom into the types of reading you’re sympathetic towards.

For me, I am absorbed into learning more about my work and passions, comedic biographies, and every day lifestyles that revolve around fashion, fitness, and food!

If reading is a new interest of yours, go for material that you might not think you’d enjoy because you’ll never what will capture your attention (and possibly the next few hours)!

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What books, blogs, and magazines are you reading right now? We’d love to add them to our list!