Our best friends are our best friends for a reason. Maybe they have been there since you were both five-years-old at pre-school playing with the same toys or maybe you only met two years ago but couldn’t imagine your lives apart.

Either way, our best friends are not perfect and we know that.

What we do know is that if we could, we would spend at least nine hours of every day with them and probably not get that annoyed.

So if they are not perfect, why do we love, adore, and cherish them so much? Because they’re human and because we’re human.

Despite all of that, friends – best friends – lie.

Sometimes out of love, sometimes not.

But what do they lie about, you ask?

  1. “It will only be a few drinks, come on!” We all know it won’t be. Four hours and two bars later, you’re stumbling through the threshold of your apartment, cursing your best friend and simultaneously thanking them for reminding you to pay your tab.
  2. “They were pretty sleazy, anyway!” So maybe you never got the chance to make things official with the one you wanted or your partner decided to end things abruptly – but your best friend is there to tell you what you want to hear. At least for the first few days, anyway.
  3. “I’ll take away your phone tonight so you don’t text him/her!” Eventually, halfway into the night, your phone is ripped from your hands. But puppy-dog, sad eyes work on nearly everyone and a solid 89 percent of the time, they will work on your best friend.
  4. “Of course I’ll return it.” Maybe it’s a shirt or a skirt or your favorite DVD, you will never get it back. You’ll go to their place and think about stealing it back, but you never do. You’ll just have to buy a new one.
  5. “Living together would be so much fun!” As a tiny little freshman going into college, there was one piece of advice I was given over and over: “Never live with your best friend; it will destroy your relationship.” I’ve found that to be partially true. Having roommates that also work as your best friends can either work out really well or not at all. And they probably know that, too.
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So, yeah, our best friends are great. Maybe the greatest people we’ll ever meet and if we were to describe them in one word, it would probably be “soulmate”.

But no one is perfect. We can only expect so much from them.