Disney’s Frozen was a big hit, warming millions of hearts this winter. There are so many things we can learn from Anna and Elsa’s story; things that we can apply to our own lives. Spoilers abound, so beware if you haven’t yet seen it–and if that’s the case, get ye to a theatre!

Lesson #1: Burying your feelings isn’t the answer. After Anna’s tragic accident, Elsa puts a tight lid on her feelings to try and keep her magic from doing any more damage. Frightened of what she’s capable of, she distances herself from her sister, even once they are orphaned and have no one but each other. The more she tries to hide it, the harder her magic fights back; fear threatens to overwhelm her and destroy everything she cares about.

Lesson #2: If it seems too easy, it (probably) is. Hans seems like Prince Charming at first; he fooled me for the majority of the movie, and the next time I saw it, the theatre let out a collective gasp when he turned his back on Anna’s plight and revealed his cruel machinations to get rid of the sisters and take over the kingdom for himself. It’s difficult to remember when you’ve waited so long for a chance at love, like Anna and many twenty-somethings, but just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s right.

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Lesson #3: There’s a difference between easy and comfortable. Anna and Kristoff are at odds from the get-go, alternately bossing each other around and weaving in and out of trouble. What’s obvious is their comfort level with each other, even though they’ve just met. With this foundation in place, their feelings for each other grow throughout the movie, including an impromptu trust exercise, an almost wedding, and one of the sweetest kisses in the history of Disney movies.

Lesson #4:  You have to mend your own heart. The first time I saw Frozen, I couldn’t understand why the acts of love performed by Olaf and Kristoff didn’t thaw Anna’s frozen heart. It was only after a second viewing that I understood: Anna needed to be her own hero. It was her unselfish sacrifice to save her sister’s life that thawed her frozen heart and–bonus!–showed Elsa how to control her magic once and for all.

 What did you think of Disney’s Frozen?  I’d love to hear what lessons in life and love you gleaned from your first (or fourth!) viewing.