What goals have you set for yourself in 2015? Have you taken on the Alternative New Year’s Resolution like Lindsey? Or are you trying to Establish a Successful Routine like Victoria?

Working towards your goals is hard work no matter how you look at it. It is infinitely easier to sit on the couch and indulge in the latest episodes of Scandal or a Gilmore Girls marathon than it is to get up and go for a run.

It’s easier to complain about not having your dream job than it is to go out and create it.

It can be challenging to step our of your comfort zone, especially if you have settled comfortably in your complacency.

But sitting on the couch or complaining isn’t going to get you anywhere near you want to be.

It’s time to go out and work for it, and make it all happen for yourself.

To help you kick you into gear for 2015, GenTwenty has joined a campaign hosted by Australian Life Coach Maddison Vernon designed to help you create a body, job, and life you love in 2015.

#KickstartYour2015 gives you daily email access incredible resources including podcasts, videos, and worksheets from guest experts who will be providing you with motivational tips and insight to help you stay on track to reach your goals once and for all.

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Maddison Vernon #KickstartYour2015