Has your job search ended in dead ends? Give these 4 things a shot to kick up your job search online.

Tell most professionals that you’re job hunting and they’ll likely sympathize with you. As many have experienced first hand, job hunting can itself be a full time job. From actively patrolling job sites to crafting cover letters to going on in-person interviews, the job search can be a time-consuming and lengthy process.

Right now I find myself in the thick of the hunt. I graduated with my master’s degree in December and really threw myself into the job search shortly after Christmas. It’s only been about a month and a half since graduation, but I’m ready to settle down into my next job.

For many, the length of time spent job searching varies. Some professionals have jobs immediately after school. Some wait a few months before finding something. Others wait longer and might take 6 months to a year of searching before they find their ideal position. It all depends on the person’s credentials, the types of jobs available and what the person is looking for.

Right now, I’m lucky that it’s been a few months since graduation. I have a few promising leads  and I continue to stay active looking for jobs. I’ve also been able to use this time off to visit out-of-state family in different parts of the country. Once I do land my next job, I’ll be thankful I took that time to spend with them.

In order to keep my job search productive, I have several job-hunting tips to share. While I still haven’t found my perfect job yet, these methods have landed my several interviews since I started job hunting. They’re also good practices to have regardless if I am actively job hunting.

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I recommend the following digital practices for young professionals either in or out of the job search. They’ll help build up their reputation online, as well as help them over time in their field of choice.

1. Create a professional website and purchase a domain name.

It’s easy to make a website nowadays. It’s also just as easy to purchase a domain name.

I’ve done both and own mollykateberg.com as my personal website. It’s both affordable and easy to remember. But mollykateberg.squarespace.com or .wordpress.com may be confusing over time. Purchasing the domain name, which is typically less than $20 a year, shows that I’m serious about my career. Having that domain name also looks more professional in the long term.

Editor’s note: GenTwenty uses NameCheap for our domain name and Linode for hosting. It’s generally recommended to purchase your domain name and hosting through different providers. 

2. Work on a side business if the job hunt is slow.

Job hunting is a great time to explore other interests. Let’s say you crochet accessories on the side and sell handmade scarves and hats during the winter. While job hunting, it might be beneficial to pour yourself into your side hustle. You likely won’t have as much time as you do now.

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Consider setting up a shop on Etsy or Fiverr. It’s an ideal way to make some extra money selling your goods or services. Right now, my side hustle is my freelance public relations company All Things Communications. I offer freelance communications to small business owners at an affordable rate. So far, I’ve been able to help a few clients and make income while job hunting. Having a side hustle will also help pass the time when you aren’t doing job applications or interviews.

3. Improve your LinkedIn profile to “All-Star” level.

Putting just your education and former job titles on LinkedIn isn’t enough. Make sure you have a comprehensive profile when applying to jobs. Make sure to write a full summary about yourself including your background, field and desired role.

Also make sure you include descriptions for each of your jobs. A few bullet points for each job should suffice. Recruiters want to know what you’ve done in your previous roles, so make sure it’s clear in your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is one of the easiest ways to network with professionals online.

Make sure to work on any areas that need attention, whether it’s adding connections or samples of your previous work. If you’re able to afford it, LinkedIn also offers premium profiles that offer more perks and better placements when it comes to looking for jobs.

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4. Make Glassdoor your best friend.

If you’re not familiar with Glassdoor, it’s a website that features anonymous reviews of companies. Those that have either worked or interviewed at a company are eligible to post reviews. To keep things fair, the companies are unable to take the negative reviews down. Glassdoor is especially helpful if going into an interview or being offered a position at a company.

Sometimes you’ll find out eye-opening things about a company that will influence your decision. Last fall, Glassdoor helped me when I got an interview at a company. The company had posted an opening for a public relations position. When I checked their Glassdoor reviews, I found out that it was actually a commission-based sales company falsely labeling their jobs as PR and marketing roles. Examples like this show that Glassdoor can provide valuable insights to the inner workings of a company. It can also help professionals decide whether or not they want to pursue the job opportunity with the company.

These are only some of the different digital things that can be done while job hunting. There are plenty more steps than can be taken to improve chances of finding a job. Do you have a recent job searching experience? Share your thoughts, stories and opinions in the comments below.

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