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Why Improving My Health Was the Best Decision I Ever Made for Myself

Our world is obsessed with quick fixes, and I too have fallen prey to the schemes and false promises.  How often are you taking a step back and paying attention to your health?

When it comes to your health, how often are you taking a step back and really paying attention to it? It seems our world today is so obsessed with these quick fixes and the newest celebrity workout. But we always seem to shed off a few unwanted pounds the easy way–even if it means in an unhealthy manner.

I too have fallen prey to the evil quick fix monster. I’ve tried the quick diets, supposedly “natural” weight loss pills, and then the inevitable happens… I always bounce back to my old bad habits.

I’ve learned that it’s all a mind game. In the sense that it’s all about your willpower and your willingness to want the change that you need. If you really want something bad enough, you will convince yourself to do everything possible to get from A to B. It’s that simple.

Finding Your Motivation

Let’s use money as an example. If you were told that you would receive five million dollars in exchange for losing 50 pounds, I bet you a million bucks that you would jump to eating healthy and working out. Why? Because that’s good enough of a reason, right? That’s the whole concept.

Now what if you were told you were going to die in 60 days if you didn’t lose 50 pounds by then? I bet you another million that you would do everything you could to lose that weight.

What’s sad is that last example is honestly our reality everyday. The more toxic things we put in our bodies, the more we are slowly killing ourselves. Maybe not today and maybe not in twenty years, but it could happen sooner than you’d like. Who wants that?

Why not be proactive about your health all the time rather than just sometimes? That’s where my logic kicked in when I decided to change my life around.

Around November of last year, I got a bit of a health scare. It wasn’t major, but it was enough to really put things into perspective. I really sat down and told myself, do you want to feel good and look good? Then do something about it. But really do something about it, and stick to it this time.

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

In doing so, this involved a huge change in habits and a turn around in my lifestyle. You’d be amazed at how much changes when you go from an unhealthy life to a healthy one. Everything from your friends, to your family and your hobbies, all change. I simultaneously lost and gained friends. My family was very supportive, and my hobbies and even bedtime changed as well.

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If you’re wondering how I lost friends, well let me fill you in on what happens when you don’t have supportive friends. It’s a sad occurrence, but in the end, it was for the best. I had a bad habit of staying up late, and going out for drinks and food after work, which was after 10 pm. The circle of friends that I would go out with always wanted to do this.

After a while, I started realizing I was just gaining weight, losing money, and didn’t have very good friends. When I changed my life around, they would ask me why I wasn’t going out with them anymore. I told them why, and I told them that I didn’t want to do those things anymore. So I would suggest coffee outings instead or even see if they wanted to join me on my walks in the mornings. They always had excuses, as I expected. So eventually we stopped hanging out and there went those friendships.

At first it bothered me, but then I realized if my friends aren’t going to be supportive and be a positive influence then they aren’t really my friends. They are just holding me back, and that’s the last thing you need when you’re trying to improve your overall well-being.

Make the Change for You

My decision to improve my health was the best thing I have ever done for me. I changed my eating habits, started walking with my health always in mind, and I ended up losing 25 pounds. It was a great moment for me. All that hard work had paid off. Not only did I feel so much better, but I looked better as well. I saw that as a plus, and I haven’t looked back since.

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I have kept up with the healthy lifestyle and I keep my walking to 3-5 times a week. What’s even better is that now that I’m pregnant, it has paid off tremendously! I actually lost some more weight, unintentionally, in the very beginning of my pregnancy due to lovely morning sickness and aversion to certain foods. I always said I wanted to be healthy when I decided to get pregnant, and that’s just what I did. Because now I have a whole other little human being inside me to worry about.

Choosing the healthy lifestyle has been one of the best decisions I ever made for myself, and I hope you can decide that for yourself one day. It’s a process, but when you want it bad enough for yourself, you will find the ways to commit and make the necessary changes to do so.

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Jovi Casie

Jovi studied Journalism at Southwestern College. She currently works full time and is a mom to a beautiful daughter, named Olivia. When she isn't working or spending time with family and friends, she enjoys being a crazy plant lady, watching HGTV and spending quality time with her daughter. You can often find her cozied up in a local coffee shop writing for her personal blog. She hopes to one day work full time as a writer and to inspire others to live a happy and successful life.


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