When the days become gloomy, and you start to hear the branches swaying in the wind when you wake up, you should know that this is the moment to take care of your immunity system. To avoid catching nasty flu from a passenger in the tram sitting next to you that sniffs and coughs loudly, you should stick to a few rules to strengthen your body.

Immune System vs Fall: How to Win the Battle of the Year?


Do not feel guilty if you tend to act like Sleeping Beauty. Fall provides you with perfect conditions to have a long, recovering sleep. It is dark outside, the evenings are long, and our bodies naturally adjust to the seasonal conditions. Your body is more susceptible to being tired in the flu season, and you need more time off than during summer. Sleep 7-8 hours per day; however, do not stay in bed till afternoon as it is crucial to maintain sleep hygiene and have a stable rhythm of the day.

Remember to give your body rest in the proper conditions. Air out your bedroom before going to sleep to avoid the odors from lingering. Clean your room regularly, and try not to allow the dust to accumulate on the shelves with your books that will help you during gloomy Autumn evenings. We all could use some warmth in weather like this, especially since it’s so cold outside, but it is healthier to sleep in the optimal temperature between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Observe Your Body

Do not ignore any symptoms and observe how your organism behaves. It might be just the consequence of a well-known autumn blues but if your body sends you signals that you may suffer from a disease or lack some crucial vitamins, make sure to take some appropriate measures.

Constant weariness, tiring headaches, muscle pain can signal that you are overworked and that you should contact a specialist. If you do not want to go to the medical center personally as you are afraid of spreading viruses of cold and flu, you can have a consultation online and go to websites such as Huston Wellness Center. Do not google your symptoms and do not diagnose yourself unless you have the qualifications to do that.


Now is the time to enrich your diet with superfoods that strengthen your immunity system. Of course, you should have a healthy diet regardless of the season. It is crucial to provide your organism with a proper dose of vitamins and minerals, especially in times when your immune system needs it the most. You could achieve this goal by eating healthy, or alternatively – by taking supplements.

There are a few superfoods that are extremely rich in vitamin C, which is great news, as it protects your cells. Drink juices, especially orange and cranberry ones. A glass per day of each of those (if you are sure that they lack preservatives) provides you with your recommended daily intake of vitamin C. You can also prepare a dainty homemade cranberry sauce and kill two birds with one stone. You can indulge with your favorite meat and load up yourself with flu prevention.

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Go orange and be carried along by the fall pumpkin craze. The advantageous nature of pumpkins goes beyond being a Halloween decoration or a well-known pumpkin spice latte base.

Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A and beta carotene, and both of them can boost your immunity. You can prepare a fiery cream soup with cinnamon and chili, that aside from being a mouth-watering dinner, will warm you up and give you an Autumn vibe. Do not forget about other orange vegetables like sweet potatoes, which, when baked, can be a great alternative to the regular french fries, especially since they are a natural antioxidant!

Find Your Way to Wind Down

One of the worst enemies in the battle between you and fall is stress. High levels of stress cause anxiety, depression, fatigue, and weaken your immune system, making you more vulnerable to pervasive viruses. Avoid stressful factors, chill down under the cozy blanket, and clear your head after the working hours.

Find your way to relax but restrain from excessive drinking. A glass of wine would not harm you but remember that alcohol is not a way to reduce stress. It could decrease your immunity and make you more susceptible to pneumonia. Instead of cheering up with a glass of beer, try drinking an aromatic tea with cloves and oranges!

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Take care of your head and body during the flu season. Remember that these are only a few changes in your daily routine, and if you stick to them, you can easily prevent sickness and spending days in bed with a fever or sneezing the whole season. Try to balance your diet and not forget that you should have a healthy lifestyle for the entire year!

You might need to implement some changes, but we think that the effort is worth it when your health is at stake. Even if you follow those tips, you won’t eliminate the possibility of getting sick completely, but you’ll significantly strengthen your immune system, and that’s never a bad idea.