This article is part of a series known as #30DaysOfThanks.

my dog

There are a lot of really cute and touching quotes out there about the value and meaning a dog brings to your life. I think they are all true, owning a dog although never to be taken lightly because it is a massive responsibility provides a lot of value and enjoyment into life.

I always had pets growing up and knew I would want a dog one day, well that day came about a year and a half ago when we adopted Maverick, nickname: Monster who would grow in 23 lbs of fur and energy. Maverick requires a lot from me (and my fiancé) including constant attention, food, exercise, grooming, toys and he now takes up his own little portion of our budget.

Despite all of this, it’s the things that Maverick gives to me that matter: 

– For making me be less selfish – although nowhere near the responsibility of a child, Maverick means I can’t put myself first all the time. If I am tired or sick or cold but he needs to go out or needs exercise well you better believe he’s getting his way over mine.

– For making me value material things less – it doesn’t matter if I fill my home with beautiful things, there is a good chance Maverick will eat them or pee on them despite being fully house trained and knowing not to chew on things. I read somewhere that a dog destroys an average of $400 in things a year, to me this seems accurate.

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– For keeping me active, even when it’s winter or I’m tired, Maverick gives me that extra push to get out the door and get moving.

– For making me more social – before I had a dog if you walked around the neighborhood no one would talk to you but if you have a dog more people will stop and chat and make small talk. There are also dog meetups and dog groups that encourage social interaction for canines and humans.

– For keeping me company – even if I want to watch bad reality TV it’s guaranteed that Maverick will be the only member of our household who won’t complain.

– Because no one will ever be happier to see me when I get home.

Pets quickly become part of your family and hold a special place in your heart. Why do you most appreciate your pet?