For better or worse, have you ever noticed that everyone congregates there when you throw parties?

The kitchen is a place where everyone gathers. For better or worse, have you ever noticed that everyone congregates there when you throw parties? In many ways, it’s the focal point of the house, which is why you want it to reflect your style and make you happy.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of decorating this gathering area, read on. We’re providing some great tips on how to put your own spin on your kitchen. Of course, it will depend on your budget, but you definitely don’t have to break the bank to customize your kitchen to your style.

How To Put Your Own Spin On Your Kitchen

1. Go for the Most Bombastic Backsplash

It might seem like such a small part of your kitchen, but the right backsplash can really reflect your personality.

Whether you keep it simple with a white or smoky gray tile backsplash or or you do a little matching by going for a gray tile backsplash with a gray countertop, this is one way to really catch guests’ eyes when they first walk in your kitchen.

It’s also easy to take the colors you use for your backsplash and find accents to go with it, such as vases, artwork, or even bar stools.

2. Add a Splash of Color

White kitchens are all the rage, and for good reason. They look sleek, sophisticated, and clean. We love a gorgeous white kitchen with stainless steel accents, but one way you can infuse your own style is to add in a pop of color.

As Real Simple notes, a marine blue backsplash takes a white kitchen form ordinary to extraordinary, and it’s not even a big space. Of course, you can always add color (either this same color or another one of your faves) in your accents, too.

3. No Man Is an Island

Because many people use stools pulled up to their islands, this can become the focal point of the kitchen. Make sure people feel comfortable. If you’re going for a modern look with the accompanying bar stools, that doesn’t mean your bar stools have to send people to the chiropractor. You’d be surprised how comfortable something like this bar stool is simply because it provides some support for guests’ backs. And it looks cool to boot.

Think about putting some fresh flowers on the island, and a customized wine bottle will go a long way in making your guests know you really put a lot of thought into having them over, especially if it’s a special occasion.

You can also get super creative when it comes to the actual island. From the wood block look and the island that is an actual barrel to a copper-topped option from Ikea and the traditional granite island, it’s easy to use this to reflect your own sense of style.

4. Eclectic Is Excellent

Stainless steel is ultra-sleek and a wooden kitchen conjures up images of an oh-so-comfy cabin in the woods. Granite accents are also stellar, as are unique things like copper and exposed brick. If you really want to bring the “wow” factor, though, you should try a mix of any and all of these.

For example, industrial lighting accents don’t have to go in an industrial kitchen. In fact, we love industrial pendant lights in a kitchen with wooden ceiling beams and other wooden accents. There really aren’t many rules when it comes to this, as long as you feel the end result really shows everyone who you are.

5. Cool Counter Space

Your counter space should reflect your style. If you’re a minimalist and have the budget, consider having your contractors build you ways to hide all things on the counters. It is possible to create spaces for everything from your toaster oven and coffee pot to your garbage can and Kitchen-Aid. This way, everyone who enters will be more drawn to the color accents, artwork, and other unique touches.

If you are an accomplished chef and like to get creative in the kitchen, you might feel it necessary to have access to all your pots and pans. That doesn’t mean that have to make your kitchen look disorganized. Hanging a nice set of stainless steel pots and pans from the ceiling lets people know you’re good. Real, real good.

Have a kitchen remodel coming up? Don’t miss the chance to reflect your own sense of style. Follow these tips on how to put your own spin on your kitchen and you’ll be pleased as punch.

This article is featured on behalf of Holly Tomlinson.

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